Windows 10 for Dummies PDF

Edition2nd edition, Kindle edition
Pages432 pages

iISBN 13
• ISBN-10: 1119049369
• ISBN-13: 978-1119049364
Book nameWindows 10 for dummies
Publisher For Dummies; 1 edition (August 10, 2015)
Series For Dummies
Author:Andy Rathbone


Windows is a most user-friendly operating system they keep on updating their versions from time to time. Here we will explore about Windows 10 for dummies pdf. Let’s find out that what is new in it.

Book description:

  • With the help of the useful tips given in this book, you can get a lot out of this software.
  • Connecting to the web, usage of mouse and touchscreen can be easy to manage with the help of this book. The tips given in this book will help you to quick fix the problem.
  • This tech book is known as the best seller. The reason behind this is you will be able to find files quickly, gathering social accounts and emails on one point, creation, and management of accounts, customization of the settings and plenty other features will be easy to do.
  • Your all queries regarding windows will be answered in the easy to follow way.
  • Illustrations and images related to Windows 10 will be found in this book.
  • You can quickly figure out the changes which are happening into the windows latest version.
  • This is the only book which can guide you the best about the latest changes in windows 10.
  • Windows 10 for dummies pdf will get you the advice about windows 10. It helped millions of people all around the globe.

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About the author:

Andy Rathbone has a privilege of being the writer of this help guide sort of book. Many other tech books come under her name such as upgrading and fixing PCs, Dummies titles on Microsoft Surface and many other books. All the queries of users have answered by Andy on

The things you will find in the book:

Here is the list of topics which you will find in this book. By going through the below content you just got the complete idea regarding book content.

  • How Windows 10 blends classic and new Windows features
  • Windows 10 hardware requirements
  • Why Windows 10 runs well on desktop PCs, laptops, tablets, and phones
  • A tour of the Windows 10 interface
  • Steps for setting up multiple accounts on one Windows 10 device
  • Step-by-step instructions for launching programs and apps
  • Ways to make programs easier to find
  • Guidance on setting up mobile desktops


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