Why the Democrats are dressed in Muslim’s attire by Mr Trump ?

A huge controversy again

There is a line of controversial tweets one after another. Mr Trump is using his official twitter account for defaming his competitors. Even without thinking that this thing is damaging his own image. These types of childish acts are not suitable for the President of the United States of America. His recently tweeted a picture of Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumur. With the help of photoshop, he made them wear a scarf and a turban respectively.

Why did he do that?

Well, Mr Trump is using all tactics for winning the election. He eagerly wants to be a President again. This time he tried islamophobia technique. He portrayed Ms Pelosi and Mr Schumur as a Muslims supporter just because they questioned Mr. Trump about the killing of Qassem Soleimani. Mr Trump said to reporters on White House Monday that he thinks that Democrats are a disgrace for U.S,A the only reason behind this is they ask about the illegal and brutal act he has done in Iran by killing Qassam Soleimani. He said “ when democrats try and defend him it’s a disgrace to our country.”

Mr Trump believes that democrats are trying to portrait Soleimani as a hero. Where he believes that what he did is the smartest move of all time. He thinks that he should be killed 20 years ago. Trump posted on Twitter Monday “Anything I do, whether it’s the economy, military, or anything else, will be scorned by the Radical Left, Do Nothing Democrats!”

Muslims from all around the world are furious

After the tweet by Mr Trump in which he posted Nancy Palosi and Chuck Schumur in a Muslim attire, muslims from all around the globe are sad and furious. Even people from Amarica who follow Islam are sad on this act of their president in which he portray muslim attire as a symble of terrorism. Due to this ‘NancyPelosiFakeNews’# is in trend. People know the truth and it is hard to believe for everyone what Mr Trump is trying to portray.

Good people are trying to stop war

Wars are always sad and bad, that what everyone believes. The people who impose war never fights in the battle ground and the one who do, never wants a war. The House of non-binding War Powers Resolution tries to limit Trumps power to start a war with Iran. this act will save many lives or may be half of the world. No one in the world is capable of a war between two nuclear states. The consequences are horrible which will be faced by the entire world.

Most probably this week Nancy Pelosi will present two articles of impeachment. It is also passed by the House of Senate, the president will face the trial. If it would happen, so the next time any U.S president will think twice before initiating any such act. 

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