What is happening in Sandringham?

There is a meeting between the heads of British Royal family this monday. What they are going to discuss and how much will they disclose to the world about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle duke and duchess of Sussex is a question emerging in every mind. last week the couple announced that they will not play their role as a Royal family member. This announcement shook the world, not only Britishers but people from all around the globe are curious to know that what is going to happen in British royal family.

Prince Harry and her wife in happy mode

As per CNN Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry will be the part of this meeting. The meeting will take place at the Queen’s Sandringham Estate in Norfolk, eastern England. Meghan is in Canada where she spent her holidays with husband Prince Harry, son Archie and her mother. According to sources she could be called from Canada for this summit. 

We are sad to announce that Prince William is sad upon this decision of his brother. He further added that its sorrowful that the Royal family is no longer a team. UK’s one of the most reliable source Sunday Times revealed Prince Harry’s statement in which he said that “I’ve put my arm around my brother all our lives and I can’t do that anymore; we’re separate entity,” according to the newspaper the Duke said all this to a friend. This news is extremely disappointing for the royal family and they are facing a deep mood of sadness. 

Meghan and Harry also wished of being financially independent in their announcement. This announcement has raised many questions. People are thinking and talking about how it is going to happen? What will be their source of income and much more. The duke and duchess revealed about their household fundings. They published a detailed document in which they disclosed that 95% of their income depends on the Duchy of Cornwall, Prince Charles (Harry’s father) controls this private state. Rest 5% depends on the money of taxpayers of UK which they give to their queen for the wellbeing and prosperity of the country.

One of the UK’s most authentic newspapers has reported that prince charles will stop funding the Duke and Duchess of Sussex if they completely resign from their Royal duties. It is a right step logically because they have no rights on the taxpayer’s hard earned money. Meghan was a former actress, maybe she would continue her carrier of being and actress. She could also be the brand ambassador of few big brands too. May be those brands also help her in social well being  activities she is practicing for a long time. Still nothing is confirmed about their future, there are alot of question marks.

Prince Harry inherited a heap of money from her late mother Princess Diana, but what he is going to do now for being financially independent as he said in his statement is still in smoke. What is going to happen? let’s wait and watch till the Royal family spill the beans.

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