Washington Manual of Surgery 7th Edition PDF

Edition 7th edition
Pages1000 pages
ISBNISBN-13: 978-1496310781
ISBN-10: 1496310780
Book nameWashington Manual of Surgery 7th Edition
Language English
Publisher LWW; Seventh edition (January 5, 2016)
Author:Dr. Mary E. Klingensmith


The prospect of performing surgical procedures can be daunting to the fresh surgeon. And though skilled are developed with practice, one cannot simple experiment on other patients. To equipe yourself with clear step by step knowledge of procedures you must read Washington Manual of Surgery 7th Edition PDF.

 Washington manual of surgery PDF

This book takes you through right from the care of a surgical patient to the structure of different organ surgeries. Different disorders, equipment, and wound care are efficiently covered. It also presents the procedures and protocol associated with almost all organs of the body including spleen, small intestine, heart, and pancreas.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1.  General and Perioperative Care of the Surgical Patient

Chapter 2.  Nutrition

Chapter 3.  Life Support

Chapter 4.  Fluid, Electrolyte, and Acid-Base Disorders

Chapter 5.  Hemostasis and Transfusion Therapy

Chapter 6.  Anesthesia

Chapter 7.  Vascular Access, Tubes, and Drains

Chapter 8.  Minimally Invasive Surgery

Chapter 9.  Wound Healing and Care

Chapter 10. Critical Care

Chapter 11. Esophagus

Chapter 12. Stomach

Chapter 13. Small Intestine

Chapter 14. Acute Abdominal Pain and Appendicitis

Chapter 15. Colon, Rectum, and Anus

Chapter 16. Pancreas

Chapter 17. Surgical Diseases of the Liver

Chapter 18. Biliary Surgery

Chapter 19. Spleen

Chapter 20. Fistulas, Short-Bowel Syndrome, and Bariatric Surgery

Chapter 21. Occlusive Arterial Disease

Chapter 22. Aneurysmal Arterial Disease

Chapter 23. Endovascular Surgery

Chapter 24. Venous Disease, Thromboembolism, and Lymphedema

Chapter 25. Hereditary Tumor Syndromes and Genetic Counseling

Chapter 26. Endocrine Surgery

Chapter 27. Trauma Surgery

Chapter 28. Transplantation

Chapter 29. Burns

Chapter 30. Soft-Tissue and Skin Tumors

Chapter 31. Hernias

Chapter 32. Breast Surgery

Chapter 33. Otolaryngology: Head and Neck Surgery

Chapter 34. Plastic and Hand Surgery

Chapter 35. Cardiac Surgery

Chapter 36. General Thoracic Surgery

Chapter 37. Pediatric Surgery

Chapter 38. Neurosurgical Emergencies

Chapter 39. Orthopedic Injuries

Chapter 40. Urologic Surgery

Chapter 41. Obstetric and Gynecologic Surgery

Chapter 42. Common Surgical Procedures

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  • Up to date and concise text covers the entire coursework.
  • Updated include new chapters on Biostatistics, patient safety, laproscopic, and robotic surgery.
  • Explanation on diagnostic tools and treatment.
  • Information tables for review of values.

For all Surgeons starting out in the field, we highly recommend Washington Manual of Surgery 7thedition PDF. Order it now at Amazon.com. You may also share this guide with your colleagues so their work becomes easier too.

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