USMLE Step 2 Clinical Skills Triage: A Guide to Honing Clinical Skills 1st Edition PDF Free Download

Edition1st edition
Pages288 pages
ISBN:ISBN-13: 978-0195398236
ISBN-10: 0195398238
Book nameUSMLE step 2 clinical skills triage: a guide to honing clinical skills
Publisher Oxford University Press; 1 edition (July 6, 2010)
Author:Kevin Schwechten, MD


Medical is a field where informative books are the first requirement if you want to get success in any examination. USMLE is an exam which is considered as a tough one to clear. The good and informative books are here to provide you convenience and ease. Let’s explore one such book name USMLE step 2 clinical skills triage: a guide to honing clinical skills 1st edition pdf.


  • This book is known as an indispensable one for the preparation of the USMLE step 2 exam.
  • There are about 40 important patient-encounter cases in this book. This thing will help you to prepare for the further clinical experience.
  • For the sake of realistic learning, cases have been organized. The guidelines are made according to the doctor-patient communication.
  • The cases had been added by writing different diagnosis and patient notes.
  • You will find this book extremely comprehensive. It contains all examination scenarios including difficult patients and telephone cases encounters.
  • The highlights text and box study is provided in each case by which reviewing would be easy.
  • Relevant information regarding complaints and conditions of the patients is also there.
  • This book is perfect for the students. Either they study individually or in the group. They can practice patient-centered skills and medical knowledge.

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Content table of USMLE step 2 clinical skills triage: a guide to honing clinical skills 1st edition pdf:

Section 1: Logistics of Step 2 Clinical Skills 1

Section 2: USMLE Clinical Skills Strategy 8

  1. Vision Loss 17
  2. Red Eye 23
  3. Mental Status Change 29
  4. Dizziness 36
  5. A headache 42
  6. Sleep Difficulties 48
  7. A headache and Stiff Neck 54
  8. Syncope 60
  9. Heat-Related Injury 66
  10. Breast Lump 73
  11. Chest Pain 79
  12. Chronic Cough 86
  13. Shortness of Breath 92
  14. Weight Loss and Fatigue 99
  15. Respiratory Symptoms 105
  16. Male Abdominal Pain 112
  17. Nausea and Vomiting in a Diabetic 121
  18. Nausea and Vomiting 127
  19. Female Abdominal Pain 133
  20. Anterior Knee Pain 139
  21. Wrist Pain 147
  22. Joint Pain 153
  23. Back Pain 159
  24. Back Pain in an Elderly Patient 166
  25. Shoulder Pain 173
  26. Lower Leg Pain 181
  27. Fatigue and Bruising 187
  28. Fever in Pregnancy 193
  29. Hematuria 199
  30. Testicular Mass 205
  31. Irregular Menses 211
  32. Fever in a Child 217
  33. Difficult Patient: Fibromyalgia 223
  34. Difficult Patient: Drug-Seeking 230
  35. Difficult Patient: Non-English Speaking 236
  36. Telephone Case: Abdominal Pain 242
  37. Telephone Case: Elderly Fall 247
  38. Telephone Case: Labor Check 251
  39. Telephone Case: Question of Abuse 255
  40. Telephone Case: Toxic Ingestion 259


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