Understanding Pathophysiology 6th Edition PDF

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In medical education, the understanding of physiological processes and the diseases underlying these mechanisms is the basis of all knowledge. A complete source f all this knowledge is Understanding pathophysiology 6th Edition PDF.

Table of Contents

Introduction to Pathophysiology


Unit 1: The Cell

  1. Cellular Biology
  2. Genes and Genetic Diseases
  3. Epigenetics and Disease (NEW)
  4. Altered Cellular and Tissue Biology
  5. Fluids and Electrolytes, Acids and Bases

Unit 2: Mechanisms of Self-Defense

  1. Innate Immunity: Inflammation and Wound Healing
  2. Adaptive Immunity
  3. Infection and Defects in Mechanisms of Defense
  4. Stress and Disease

Unit 3: Cellular Proliferation: Cancer

  1. Biology of Cancer
  2. Cancer Epidemiology
  3. Cancer in Children and Adolescents


Unit 4: The Neurologic System

  1. Structure and Function of the Neurologic System
  2. Pain, Temperature, Sleep, and Sensory Function
  3. Alterations in Cognitive Systems, Cerebral Hemodynamics and Motor Function
  4. Disorders of the Central and Peripheral Nervous Systems and Neuromuscular Junction
  5. Alterations of Neurologic Function in Children

Unit 5: The Endocrine System

  1. Mechanisms of Hormonal Regulation
  2. Alterations of Hormonal Regulation

Unit 6: The Hematologic System

  1. Structure and Function of the Hematologic System
  2. Alterations in Hematologic Function
  3. Alterations of Hematologic Function in Children

Unit 7: The Cardiovascular and Lymphatic Systems

  1. Structure and Function of the Cardiovascular and Lymphatic Systems
  2. Alterations of Cardiovascular Function
  3. Alterations of Cardiovascular Function in Children

Unit 8: The Pulmonary System

  1. Structure and Function of the Pulmonary System
  2. Alterations of Pulmonary Function
  3. Alterations of Pulmonary Function in Children

Unit 9: The Renal and Urologic Systems

  1. Structure and Function of the Renal and Urologic Systems
  2. Alterations of Renal and Urinary Tract Function
  3. Alterations of Renal and Urinary Tract Function in Children

Unit 10: The Reproductive Systems

  1. Structure and Function of the Reproductive Systems
  2. Alterations of the Female Reproductive System
  3. Alterations of the Male Reproductive System

Unit 11: The Digestive System

  1. Structure and Function of the Digestive System
  2. Alterations of Digestive Function
  3. Alterations in Digestive Function in Children

Unit 12: The Musculoskeletal and Integumentary Systems

  1. Structure and Function of the Musculoskeletal System
  2. Alterations of Musculoskeletal Function
  3. Alterations of Musculoskeletal Function in Children
  4. Structure, Function, and Disorders of the Integument
  5. Alterations of the Integument in Children



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  • Up to date and detailed text covers the entire coursework of Physiology and Pathology.
  • More than 100 Full-color, annotated illustrations for detailed understanding.
  • Risk factor boxes
  • Health alert boxes
  • Tables and charts complement concept building.
  • Key terms are highlighted.
  • Easy to use PDF edition relieves the hassle of carrying a book.

For all medical students in the first and second year of medical school, we highly recommend Understanding pathophysiology 6th Edition PDF. Order it now at Amazon.com. You may also share this guide with your colleagues so their work becomes easier too.

Did the book help you build solid concepts? Or were there concepts that the book did not cover efficiently? Your feedback makes us grow so please let us know if you enjoyed using the book, by commenting below. We always look forward to hearing from you.

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