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A magnificent read The 8th Habit pdf written by Stephen R. Covey was published in New York in the year 2004. Stephen Covey was an inspiring teacher, a motivational author, and an amazing organizational consultant.

Covey has got immense respect for writing. Twenty-five million editions of his books have been sold in 38 different languages. In today’s informative and technological era, Stephen escorted the readers to find their inner voice and help others to come upon with their own.


The masterwork of Covey’s, “The 8th Habit pdf” has 432 pages. Its synopsis assured that its rationale is to help humans for searching their inner voice and to move from effectiveness towards greatness.  Also, the author has explained the ways to become successful by helping others. This masterpiece has consisted of two different sections.

The first part of the book is encouraging people to “find your inner voice”. To choose things which suits your personality. Let your inner voice be heard. Finding your voice means to choose your heart over the mind. The author is invigorating the bibliophiles to discover their happiness by listening to your internal voice.

The other half of Stephen’s publication is about “Influencing other people to find their inner voice”. Your life should be like a mission. An expedition to help others find their voice. A great leader is the one who aids others to achieve their goals. According to Stephen, the crux of greatness is always in inspiring others to fulfill their dreams.

Book type:   

It is a self-help publication of about 400 pages which has distinct chapters, Informing and influencing its readers to follow the set rules by Stephen to become successful. The three major lessons of Stephen’s publication are;

  • The ability of selection is the biggest gift from God. Man has blessed with intelligence and the aptitude to choose different things. Stephen said you have freedom of speech and freedom of expression.
  • “Be good and build trust, Always be on your word” was Stephen’s advice to his readers. Whenever you make a promise, always fulfill it and if due to some reasons you cannot keep your promise then try to apologize for your mistake.
  • If you want to empower yourself, give up the responsibility and control in the hands of the public.

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Stephen books have always gained tremendous popularity across the globe. Publishing of this coup “The 8th Habit pdf” has brought success in Stephen’s life. He has encountered an excellent response on this publishing. As per reviews, this book is an inspirational one.

The best method of awareness and education for those who are in a leadership role. The book lessons to empower people by handling them control and responsibility. And those who are trying to be successful, there is a deep message of moving towards greatness by searching your inner voice and also help others to discover their own.

Covey’s principles are unmatched. Once you go through the initial section, it would be more exciting and interesting for you to complete the whole book. The central purpose of 8th habit is to encourage people to flourish and take initiative for moving towards greatness.

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