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A self-development book authored by Stephen R. Covey “The 7 habits of highly effective people” is a framework for personal efficacy. This masterpiece has been published in the year 1989. It is a paperback of 384 pages which has sold more than 25 Million copies all across the world.

The best-known book is presenting a highly holistic as well as the unsegregated approach in order to ascertain our professional or private problems. Covey presume that the course of looking up the universe is completely garrisoned upon our insights.

You must have to import change in yourself for bringing modification around you. If you want even a little variation into your personality, you should definitely think of carrying a shift in your consciousness. Stephen Covey has disclosed a step-by-step method which is helpful in living a fair and successful life.


How to direct your life in a productive and effectual way? Stephen’s publication “The 7 habits of highly effective people” is educating its readers to follow the path which leads towards potency and greatness.

In his creation, he narrated those seven habits which aid you in becoming capable and constructive. Our habits play an influential role in our life. They are the explanation to who we are and who we actually want our self to become.

Our personality is comprised of different collection of habits which play a substantial role in our living. Covey’s razzle-dazzle creation, “The 7 habits of highly effective people” is consisted upon a model which he called as the Maturity Continuum. The model is the description of the following three paradigm shifts.

1)    Dependence:  It is the paradigm which explains the dependence of us upon others, relying on others to look after us. According to Covey, metamorphic leaders are those who transform themselves so as to bring a productive transformation. One can easily achieve victory if one first transforms itself. A great leader brings transformation not deformation.

2)    Independence: Independence is when you are not reliant on others. You are self-sustaining and free to do anything. Covey explained this paradigm in terms of leadership. He said that leaders are independent to bring change in any society. High authorities and leaders are not under the state’s control. If they want the world to be transformed, it’s not a difficult task. You can do it if you follow the principle of Covey; which is “you can achieve prosperity by changing yourself.”

3)    Interdependence:  Covey in “The 7th Habits of the highly effective audiobook has talked about interdependence that it is a state in which we cooperate with others to get success.  In an interdependence paradigm shift, those who are not able to progress to the other level of Maturity can take help from others to get effectiveness.

The importance of being an Independent has been increased in today’s world. Everybody encourages to become liberated and self-sustaining. But it is an undeniable fact that we are living an interdependent life. We choose to be interdependent instead of being an independent person.

One must be Independent for moving towards effectiveness. Stephen Covey was a non-fictional author who was recognized for his publications all across the globe. He wrote many books including his famous ” The 7 habits of highly effective people” which has several other copies like “The 7th habit of the highly effective e-book” and also“The 7th habit of highly effective people free download”.

Seven Habits of Covey:

A respectful leader Stephen Covey got tremendous popularity in the whole world because of his unmatched work. The idea behind his must-read authorization “The 7 habits of highly effective people” was basically to encounter the rulers with the biggest reality to achieve victory. He envisioned this real victory is surrounded by both particular and professional effectiveness.

We all want success, some gets it easily and others thrive hard for attaining it. Covey said that one road towards triumph is to pinpoint your patterns. In order to become a highly effective person, one must read Covey’s “The seventh habits” which leads you towards effectiveness. The starting three habits are based on self-restraint, which requires to progress from dependence towards independence. And the remaining patterns focus on interrelationship.

Habit 1: (Be Pro-active)

“You yourself create your destiny”. Proactivity means to admit your influence or importance. Stephen’s formation 7 habits of highly effective people summary is suggesting you be enterprising. It is vastly functional people who first coin themselves to bring revolution.

Be proactive, not reactive. Live your life upon the set beliefs and values instead upon the feelings. Covey talked about the first habit of his book which is “To be proactive”. Your ability to explore yourself is one of the biggest blessings which separates us from animals.

We are blessed with instincts to look up ourselves or to sway our efficacy. Proactive individuals realize their responsibilities and response-ability to command themselves. In order to have a dynamic personality, work upon the things which you can do.

Habit 2: (Begin with the end in mind)

“Start making your reality”. To begin with the end in mind means being clear about things which you actually want to do. Make an outset with an understandable target in mind.

Stephen was of the view that; use your compunction and your insights for being successful. If you would select the right plan you would have to read Stephen’s paperback “The 7 habits of highly effective people” it will definitely help you in choosing the right path. You just have to envision your plans and work upon it.

To be effective you must have to review your motive. Who you actually are? And who you want to become? How would you be remembered among people? The second habit of Covey’s spectacular publication advises that you are a techie! Grow and stay unpresuming. So it should be the ultimate goal that your missions and visions must be clear.

Habit 3: (Put First Things First)

The third habit of Covey’s paperback is advising that the significant things must be your top most priority. You must be disciplined and enthusiasts in your daily life. Focusing on our goals should be our topmost priority. Covey’s writing “The 7 habits of highly effective people” has targeted cowards to be more focused and attentive towards their lives.

Being disciplined and focused on means to execute your plans. Do not waste your time on unwanted items. This habit associates by lingering to your agreements, your integrity or competence. In order to be effective, determine your values and electrocute upon your objectives.

This is the biggest step of independence to interdependence. Spend quality time in determining your objectives. Identify your aims in life and work on achieving them. Always put the important things at first which are beneficial for you and have the first position in your life.

Habit 4: (Think win/win)

Stephen’s fourth habit is of paradox. The fascination with losing or winning should be strong. You have to recognize that inconsistency pledged you a juncture or not. Only you can create positive correlations throughout the whole process. If you want your relationships to be more effective, you can create a win/win position which benefits both the parties.

Covey thinks that human interactivity has the following six paradigms;

Win-Win: The winning paradigm in which both competitive parties, conquest and they feel satisfied with commitments and results.

Win-Lose: They are powerful people who use their power to change the situation. They reach their destination due to their aptitude.

Lose-Win: Covey has described the Lose-Win individuals as they are well known for pleasing and mitigating. They attain strength by embracing and adoration.

Lose-Lose: It is the situation in which both folks mislay. It’s obvious that if the two Win-Lose individuals unify, who are self-centered and puffed up. Therefore the outcome would be Lose and Lose.

Win: Stephen’s book “The 7 habits of highly effective people” explains that inhabitants, in this paradigm do not let anybody else to win. They keep on getting what they want.

Win/win or no deal: In this paradigm, the author states that when there is no chance of a favorable outcome, the deal is not accepted. Therefore, it is up to you to be cooperative with others in order to get success. Keep remembering the win/win paradigm if you want to follow this rule.

Habit 5: (Purse conception to be understood)

Covey’s fifth pattern is admonishing people for developing proper understanding to figure out things. When in public place you see any sort of problem, first try to understand that problem. Early suggestions are not needed. You should first purse understanding to figure out things.

Create a helpful atmosphere by giving quality time to resolve the issues. Unfortunately, we are surrounded by many people who do not even bother to fully understand the problem, but give their prescription. Listening is the most meaningful habit. It is the indispensable element of communication. Constructive listening can help you better understand the complications.

The author popped out a question for his readers in his paperwork “The 7 habits of highly effective people” that do you know how many years you have spent on reading and writing, years to learn things. But have you ever thought about listening? Do you know about the significant factor of adequate interaction?  The answer to these questions lies in Stephen’s authorization.

Habit 6: (Synergizing)

Synergizing means doing teamwork. Sixth habit of Covey of “The 7 habits of highly effective people” is suggesting his readers work as a team. This one is a combination of previous habits suggested by Covey that how to become a highly influential person. In order to get success, you should go for synergy.

Always remember that teamwork begins by developing trust. The greater there would be harmony among the group members the higher will be the chances of success. For example, if you would grass two plants together at the same place, their roots would be mingled as a result you will get more fertile soil than planting them all alone.

So it’s clear from the above example that a great team helps you in getting bigger success. Despite having a single perspective, create synergy to look from different angles.

Habit 7: (Sharpen the saw)

Covey says that if you want to be a highly influential person, you should have to be focused against your physical as well as mental health. There shouldn’t be any compromise on your health.

Both physical and mental strengths are significant. Stephen used an idiom “Sharpen the Saw” in order to convey his message to the readers that do not work harder, but work smartly. Work on yourself. Keep your mind, body, diet in balance. Human nature has four dimensions which must be properly exercised. These are;

The physical dimension: Exercise your body on a regular basis. Keep yourself fit and healthy and don’t stress things which are not in your control. A healthy mind locates in a healthful body.

The mental dimension: Mental fitness is very important. Keep your insights and thoughts pure. Don’t be a negative individual. Think beautiful thoughts and be positive towards life.

The social dimension: Develop effective and meaningful connections. Be interactive or make a good understanding with your pals.  Always struggle for better lifestyle but don’t overload yourself.

The spiritual dimension: Always be a man of one word. Fulfill your commitments and never deny your word. Keep your morale high. Look for good reading and writing stuff.

Feedback of 7th habits suggested by Covey:

A well-established businessman, a keynote elocutionist, and an influential teacher “Stephen R.  Covey” wrote many books. Among them “The 7 habits of highly effective people” has got paramount fame. His writing has been published in different languages.

He has been named among the 25 most significant people of America. Covey’s publication has got pragmatic feedback. Covey’s book has become a highly ascribed American creation.

This book lessons to upgrade your links with managers, colleagues, and family. It is probably the uttermost potent and powerful source, regulating you to be attentive towards yourself development. The intent behind this coup was; be focused towards love, healthfulness, wealth and introversion.

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