TERA: Combat Tale of Justice, Injustice, and Tiny Tales of Woe

It’s time to make yourself to be the part of entertaining and yet the action-packed challenge of the life which is all about TERA! By getting into this adventurous universe you will be finding yourself pushing into the boundaries of an amazing game.  This is a complete action combat-based system that you have been looking forward to dodging and aim upon to cast the spells.  You can avoid taking any sort of damage and hence land on some attacks. The only elements which can let you achieve success over this game are the timings and tactics.

So, get ready to make your presence feel on this amazing world where you will be heading into the interesting battle with all your teammates! You can perform:

  • Let your skills be put into the testing which is included with the dynamic True Action Combat system.
  • You can make the selection of the character straight away from the selection of 7 different races along with the 13 various classes.
  • You can give a name to yourself within the heroic battles which you will be playing against other BAMs and players.
  • Get a chance to explore the amazing and best graphical quality.
  • Be the master of the artisan and completely home up to your gear over the perfection.

Introduction about TERA

TERA is a famous and most top wanted multiplayer game that is based on the online role-playing the theme of gaming. This game has been developed by the Bluehole Studio.  In 2011 the game was released inside the gaming world. Few of the major corporations who introduced this game in their regions were NHN Corporation, as well as NHN Japan Corporation, plus EN Masse Entertainment and Game forge. In the year 2013, the name of the game was changed into the TERA: Rising.

In the year 2014, the name of the game was all over changed again Tera: Fate of Arun.  It turned out to be so much famous in America as well as European regions. The overall graphics quality of the game has been quite impressive with the amazing background sound score which makes it extra enthusiastic to play all the time.  You can play it both on PC and console. The game has around more than 26 million players on the PC platform and around 2 million players on the console.

Gameplay Background of TERA

TERA has been all settled with the typical series of MMORPG features in which we have crafting as well as questing and player action series.  The game combat has been making the use of some sort of real-time battle system which is also incorporating the third-person camera view. 

The player will initially start playing by targeting the main enemy all through the cross-hair cursor besides being clocking or tabbing the individual opponent. It is important for the player that they should be actively dodging the attacks of their enemy.  To control the whole character, you can make the fantastic use of the keyboard or the mouse pad, unless you are playing it on console.

All the characters are being designed based on the racing classification.  Every single race has been divided into the unique form of a set of racial skills. There are around 7 different races.  Each one of them will be giving out a minor series of advantages as well.  Races will be having their animations in favor of class-specific skills. TERA has been composed of the 13 different classes where each one of them has been rather set with their amazing attributes and qualities.

  • Publisher: EN Masse Entertainment
  • Player base: High Level
  • Type: MMORPG
  • Release Date: May 1, 2012 (NA)
  • PvP: Duels with the Battlegrounds and Open World
  • Pros:  It is offering a high quality of the graphics quality with the dynamic combat system. It is offered with the Gamepad support.
  • Cons: You might be facing some crafting system which is quite weak. There might be some repetitive questing at the time of mid-levels.

Key Features

  • The whole game has been settled with amazing settings in a complete fantasy and traditional mannerism.  It has been all settled in the universe of the Arborea with some amazing series of graphics.
  • It is all rather settled with the excellent variety of the characters which are around 9. There have been also the classifications of 7 races too. Every single race has been rather settled with the bonuses all along with the awesome attributes.
  • This game is real-time combat with the action-packed series of qualities.  In this game, the player should be aiming in terms of its skills and attacks all along with the skills to dodge enemies.
  • It is rather settled with the high production value in the middle of the excellent gameplay graphics and high-quality of the soundtrack which will make your experience best.
  • It has been revolving around the unique storyline which is immersing into the world of Tera in the middle of its well-written story.

Hence in simple terms, we would be calling TERA as a complete fantasy-based form of MMORG game that has been all packed with the action series of the gameplay mode.  The players should be having the capacity in which they should be blocking as well as dodging, or being master in the skills. Hence, all in all, we would say that the TERA has been coming across in offering with the compelling MMORPG best experience.

If you have been quite enough fond of playing the MMORPG games, then without wasting any time be the first one to download this game. This game is filled with the action-packed series and it would be letting you know about so many action tricks which you can apply on other action games as well.  The overall graphics quality of the game has been quite impressive with the amazing background sound score which makes it extra enthusiastic to play all the time.  It is compatible to play on both console and PC.

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