Tenda Nova MW6 Review


A good Wi-Fi system is a necessity of this technology era. Every house, office, mall or restaurant provides a good Wi-Fi signals. Here I would like to add that quality with control prices are always appealing for a consumer.

Tenda nova mw6 review is all about a mesh Wi-Fi system which not only works efficiently but also provides good signal strength. It is also good in its design and shape. If it is placed in your office or sitting are so in wont look bad at all.

Let’s explore further about this mesh Wi-Fi system in the below article. Have look in pro-cons and decide by yourself whether to have it or not.

Product description:


if you are looking for a good mesh Wi-Fi system with affordability so this product is for you. It is a pocket friendly Wi-Fi system which will work for you better than you have paid.

Remotely controlled:

This mesh Wi-Fi is remotely controlled. You can handle it from distance too without leaving your comfort zone.

Whole home Wi-Fi system:

it is a whole home mesh Wi-Fi system. It covers 500m2 area of your house which means a vast area.

Easy to install:

The manual and instructions are there in the box. You can easily install, plug in and play this Wi-Fi system. It is a best choice if you are looking for a good Wi-Fi system with affordability.

Integrated with amazon:

here I would like to add in Tenda nova mw6 review also includes that it is also integrated with Amazon.


Updating firmware:

it could be an exhausting experience to upgrade firmware for tenda mesh Wi-Fi system.

Access to personal data:

the aap of tenda mobile app asks for an access to personal data which is not good and it shouldn’t be like that.

Transferring data:

you can face an instability while transferring the data via mesh Wi-Fi system. Due to integration your experience could be a bit frustrating.

Low quality bandwidth:

the quality of bandwidth is quite low which can disconnect clients temporarily. This thing could be disturbing too.

Only 700 mbps:

Every device has a limit and mesh Wi-Fi system has the capacity of only 700 mbps on internet connections which is quite low.

After going through the complete article you would surely had an idea that whether this Wi-Fi is good for you or not. Feel free to share this piece of information with your friends and fellows so that they will be able to see a wide picture about mesh Wi-Fi via Tenda nova mw6 review.

We have tried our best to convey all the pros and cons in best possible way. Make a wise decision which is better for you according to your budget and usage.

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