Explore, Leap and Shoot Down with “Tamarin”:Game Coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One,Windows December 31


The 3D platformers are deliberately on their way back to games like Spyro: Reignited Trilogy and Yooka-Laylee. Tamarin is yet another latest example of such games. Looking like a joyous adventurous action, when the little monkey jumps and climbs his way towards the petrifying jungle. Have you been facing off opposed to the insects as they penetrate your home? Yes, it is where the game extricates itself from other action games. Bringing out a miraculous new trailer, Tamarin is going to outshine the screens in 2020.

About the Game:

Chameleon Games Developers, brimming with veterans from Rare’s the “Golden Era” of gaming expansion, is announcing a third-person game Tamarin, full of action and adventure. The game is featuring an energetic cute little monkey set in the Nordic backdrop. Destruction and pollution into the forest from the expanding group of insects caused the monkey to combat for the survival of his family. The game offers the player to leap into action devise the exquisite nature in Tamarin.

So, player!! Let’s explore an absurd unified 3D world with the primates scaffolding and bug-splattering shooter alertness, the game lets the players drive into the wilderness of the northern areas through crossing the scenic views, mountains, forests, and fjords. Along all the way, it lets you chase the mysterious electrical fireflies, salvage the innocent birds, explores the secret world of the dancing ants, and more in an attempt to rebuild the idyllic natural habitat of Tamarin.

Tamarin, exclusively, features distinctive mix gameplay that substitutes between the exploration and 3D platforming, also, the third-person shooter gameplay. The game, therefore, is inspired by many 3D adventurous gameplays. Additionally, by the naturalistic view of the animals and plants in it.

The eminent director of the gameplay, Omar Sawi, has called upon the cast of his Rare’s golden era to help him execute the creative vision for his upcoming Tamarin and retake the magical experiences and style for which they are famous for. The founders of some iconic characters including the Banjo-Kazooie, Diddy Kong, and Battle Toads are the lovely people behind the character designing, the art concepts, and the pre-production of Tamarin. Furthermore, Donkey Kong 64’s artist, Richard Vaucher is the person that leads the production of lavishing artwork and provided the catchy, energetic and responsive animations to the game. The struggle is not finished yet. A few other artists worked hard to make this game a remarkable one including David Wise, responsible for adding the melodic soundtrack to the gameplay and Graeme Norgate for the impactful sound effects to amuse the audiences.


In Tamarin’s world, you will be facing off a few evil insects that have caused all sorts of destruction and pollution into the area. The insects seemed to be messing up the land. You wish to chill out at home with your home. But unluckily, the evil insects are all set to burn down your houses and kidnap your family members. Now, being a player (Tamarin) you are supposed to be responsible for rescuing your family and splash some troublesome bugs. Oh! For this, you need to buy a machine gun to shoot down the bugs. The gameplay looks so exciting. The entire world is an interconnected 3D space that requires a player to run through the game alike other classic games. Keep your moves right. Use the monkey agility to jump through the large distances and straight up into the air to shoot down the troublesome bugs. You can assuredly save the land by making the right moves. 



Tamarin received a tremendous response right away when the director Omar Sawi announces the launch of its another nature-based action and adventurous gameplay. The trailer had been loved by the people. Starring a cute little monkey, Tamarin made huge chaos among the viewers for its epically designed backdrop landscapes and Nordic sceneries. Omar Sawi again staggered the viewers with his brilliant development. The game is undoubtedly to be the hit game of 2020 featuring the flashes of brilliance art and nature. 

System Requirements:

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating systemRequires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 7OS: Windows 10
Processor: Intel i5Processor: Intel i5
Graphics: nVidia GeForce GTX 460 / AMD Radeon 6850HDDirectX: Version 11
Storage: 10000 MB available spaceAdditional Notes: Game controller strongly recommended!


Readers, are you looking for the game’s price? Worry not. This game will be available on steam for PC and Playstation Store only for $29.99/ 28.99 Euros. A Deluxe Edition of Tamarin comprise of the astounding soundtrack will be just for $39.99/ 35.99 Euros. Haven’t bought the game yet? Tamarin is giving 10% off its actual price. The pre-order at the Tamarin’s website will automatically receive free Tamarin cheat codes and wallpapers. So, hurry up. Go and get your pre-order done right now at the official website of Tamarin.

License Information:

The software subjected to license for Tamarin’s gameplay is (us.playstation.com/software license). For getting the online features, you may require an account and are subject to the terms of services and the appropriate privacy policy (play station network.com/terms-of-service & play station network.com/privacy-policy). Please note that a single time license fee for play on account’s label primary PS4 system and also the other PS4 systems when signed in with the same account.

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