T-fal Performa review


Cooking accessories are a need of every kitchen. Either you want to cook easy recipes or fancy food, good pans and pots are must to have. There are several brands in market which appeals you with their taglines but don’t trust them all because all glittery is not gold.

Here we have a review about one of the most people loved and user friendly cooking essential and that is T-fal Performa review. This cookware will surprise you with its potential of cooking and easy managing qualities. If you are willing to buy for yourself or wanted to gift someone so it would be a great choice for sure. Let’s explore about these gorgeous cooking pans and pots which are not less than a blessing for the cooking lovers.

Product specification:

The count of 14 pieces seems a little bit disingenuous because their count is broken down as:

1) 1.1 qt Saucepan
2) Lid for 1.1 qt Saucepan
3) 3.2 qt Saucepan
4) Lid for 3.2 qt Saucepan
5) 3.5 qt Deep Saute pan
6) Lid for 3.5 qt Saute pan
7) 5.5 qt Dutch Oven
8) Lid for 5.5 qt Dutch Oven
9) 8 in Fry Pan
10) 10.5 in Fry Pan
11) 1/4 tsp Measuring Spoon
12) 1/2 tsp Measuring Spoon
13) 1 tsp Measuring Spoon
14) 1 TBSP Measuring Spoon

Product description:

Here I would love to tell you about the hidden qualities of this lovely product which you could only know when you start using it. We are happy to tell you all about it in this T-fal Performa review.

Dish washer friendly:

Washing dishes is always annoying for me though I love cooking but washing T-fal products is not an issue. I can wash them easily in my dish washer. Hassel free cooking and dish washing makes me happy.

Measuring spoons:

As you have already read that this set also includes measuring spoons which means that you can make a perfect food because correct measurement leads to the perfect dish. Cooking or baking ingredients both can be easily measured.

Non-stick surface:

T-fal is a non-stick cooking ware. You can comfortable cook in it without getting worried about sticking and burning.

Oven friendly:

In thisreview you will also learn that these cooking pots are also suitable for baking. They can sustain the oven heat and gives you the perfectly done food. Try out new baking recipes in this lovely cooking ware.

What safety measures should I take?

Well, care is the key of long lasting for anything. Show a bit care towards these beautiful stainless steel cooking gadgets and they will be good as new for years and years. Wash them thoroughly and dry them perfectly before each use.

I hope this T-fal Performa review is helpful for you. Purchase it and do hassle free cooking. The price are way too reasonable as compare to other similar products.

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