Sketchy Medical 2017 (Microbiology + Pharmacology + Pathology) PDF | Sketchy Medical PDF


The things which pass by our vision are quickly catched by our mind. The retaintion of visual study is more long than audio or reading. By keeping this concept in mind sketchy medical 2017 (microbiology + pharmacology + pathology) pdf is introduced.

Students who are looking studying medical and looking for such material of education for preparation can take full advantage from this.


Sketchy medical has made sure to provide most authentic and comprehensive visual medical study of microbiology pharmacology and pathology. The descriptive and unique graphical scenes has been created in Sketchy medical 2017 (microbiology + pharmacology + pathology) pdf.

By this the memory visual elements will surely increased. Memorization of criticle medical topics will be easy and longlasting.

Tips for studying smartly

Periodically arrangement of symbols

Rapid differential diagnosis is made easy with compartmentalization and correct placement of symbols.

Concept based grouping

The course is relevant and related  with the compatibility of the videos.

Labeld images

Reviewing is quick and easy because each scene is made with proper labelled diagrams and sketches.

Sketchy  medical is more convienent to remember and retain.  It will give you real feel same as the objects are present in front of your eyes. The HD quality of videos will give you smooth and sound stream.

Will it be worth it?

This question will always triggers in mind that will this video be effective for my learning and preparation? So the answer is yes. It will not only help you to learn but also will retain for long time. This way of learning is also good for the people who are fade up of typycil book work learning style.


We have uploaded sketchy medical 2017 microbiology, pharmacology and pathology videos on this site. You can eatch and download from here. This informative article can be shared too with tyour friends who are looking for such video. List of contents covered in this book has been mentioned below for your convineance. Feel free to comment and share.

Topics list of Sketchy medical 2017 (microbiology + pharmacology + pathology) pdf:

  • ram Positive Cocci 1
  • Gram NegCocci 7
  • Gram Pos Bacilli 10
  • Enteric Gram Neg Bacilli 17
  • Respiratory Gram Neg 27
  • Zoonotic Gram Neg 30
  • Gram Pos Branching Filamentous Rods 35
  • Gram Indeterminate 37
  • Mycobacteria 43
  • Spirochetes 45
  • Cutaneous Mycoses 52
  • Opportunistic Fungi 55
  • Parasites 60
  • RNA Pos Virus 76
  • RNA Neg Virus 87
  • DNA Virus 94
  • Cell Wall membrane active antibiotics 106
  • Inhibitors of Bacterial Protein Synthesis 113
  • Other antibiotics 119
  • Antimycobacterials 122
  • Antifungals 124
  • Antivirals: HIV 127
  • Antivirlas: Hepatitis 131
  • Antivirlas: other 133
  • Autonomic Drugs – Parasympathetic & Sympathetic 135
  • Cardiovascular and Kidney 144
  • Blood and Inflammation 159
  • Smooth Muscle 172
  • GI and Endocrine 178

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