Psychology in Modules 11th Edition PDF

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Book namePsychology 11th Edition Myers
Author:David Myers
C. Nathan Dewall



Psychology 11th Edition Myers PDF provides an interactive understanding of the human mind incorporated with feelings. Myer takes you to an engaging journey starting at critical thinking of your own brain and ends at understanding the concept of therapy. The major themes including learning, memory, emotions, and understanding of disorders. The online interactive self-assessment tests engrave key concepts into the reader’s mind. You do not want to miss this journey.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1, Thinking Critically With Psychological Science
How Would You Know If There Is a “Hot Hand” in Basketball? 

Chapter 2, The Biology of Mind
How Would You Know If People Can Be “Left-Brained” or “Right-Brained”?

Chapter 3, Consciousness and the Two-Track Mind
How Would You Know If Sleep Deprivation Affects Academic Performance? 

Chapter 4, Nature, Nurture, and Human Diversity
How Would You Know If Personality Runs in Our Genes?

Chapter 5, Developing Through the Life Span
How Would You Know If Having Children Relates to Being Happier? 

Chapter 6, Sensation and Perception
How Would You Know If a Cup of Coffee Can Warm Up Relationships?

Chapter 7, Learning
How Would You Know If People Can Learn to Reduce Anxiety? 

Chapter 8, Memory
How Would You Know If People’s Memories Are Accurate?

Chapter 9, Thinking and Language
How Would You Know If There is a Bilingual Advantage?

Chapter 10, Intelligence
How Would You Know If Intelligence Changes With Age? 

Chapter 11, What Drives Us: Hunger, Sex, Friendship, and Achievement
How Would You Know If Using Larger Dinner Plates Make People Gain Weight? 

Chapter 12, Emotions, Stress, and Health
How Would You Know If Stress Increases Risk of Disease?

Chapter 13, Social Psychology
How Would You Know If Hot Temperatures Cause Aggression? 

Chapter 14, Personality
How Would You Know If Astrologers Can Describe People’s Personality?

Chapter 15, Psychological Disorders
How Would You Know If Schizophrenia Is Inherited? 

Chapter 16, Therapy
How Would You Know How Well Antidepressants Work? 


  • Elaborate and detailed text covering interesting topics in the subject of psychology.
  • Online interactive self-assessment tool.
  • Easy to use PDF format relieves the hassle of carrying the book.

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