Pros and Cons of VR Arcade Gaming Culture in Japan

With the arrival of Virtual Reality gaming, the world of gaming has approached the very next level. Die-hard gamers always look for new advancements that can help them with their gaming capabilities. Virtual Reality has provided gamers with every opportunity that they can cash out to improve their gaming standards. 

In Japan, many people are curious about the new gaming advancements. People try to keep gaming suites at their homes and even in their bags and this has made Japan a good gaming industry. The arrival of Virtual Reality has also had a great impact on the Japanese and its impact is growing even further.

Pros of VR in Japan

Japanese like gaming to a very high extent. And, the introduction of VR has also added to their interest level. The pros of VR gaming are stated as follows:

VR can Burn Calories

Critics always say that computer gaming can increase your calories and they can make you obese. But VR negates the idea and shows that VR can burn calories. VR can burn calories in the sense as they require more physical movements during the game which helps you burn your calories to a noticeable amount.

If we talk of physical activities, in some VR games you may have to move around the room which can result in a major reduction of calories and make you fit somewhat.

VR Offers You the Chance to Explore New World

You can never be a handful of advancements or technology. Technology always gets revolutionized and VR gaming is one example of it. VR has brought a new style of gaming to the world that everyone adores. It offers high sensitivity and lets you meet fictional characters during the game.

High-quality 3D visuals are a major component of VR culture which may seem to you like the real world. It helps you to experience all the stuff which may seem surreal in the very real world. 

No More Staring at the Screen

VR, unlike the other gaming suites, do not bound to screens. When we talk of traditional Gaming we might see a picture of a person sitting in front of the screen for hours which may cause him pain in back and eyesight problems but with VR it is not the case.

VR itself is very comfortable and engaging. Traditional gaming does not provide you with dynamics and by the time you get tired by it but it is not the case when you use VR.

VR Can Make Kids More Expressive

There is always a problem among children that they may not be much expressive. What VR helps them with is, it creates a whole new world for them which is under their control and they can express what they think.

It gives confidence to the children and helps them to express their selves openly and show the world what they think about it. This whole new gaming experience can help them with escalation in their emotions and they can express what they feel and they can just simply take pride in it.

Cons of VR Gaming

Where there are pros of VR gaming there are also cons of it. The major cons of VR gaming are as follows:

Lack of Flexibility

VR games lack flexibility in comparison to the other gaming suites. If you consider getting yourself educated on a VR gadget so it will be unlike the real class. In real class, you are flexible to do anything, write, look around and ask questions but it is not the case with VR culture.

You will be bound to do what you are supposed to do. This confined nature of VR does not let people in a progressive country like Japan feel comfortable or flexible.

Destroys Human Connections

The advancement of technology has its effects on society and human connections. VR too confines human connections with it. VR culture has bounded users to itself. When using a VR, you cannot communicate with others while you are only in the position of communicating with the VR software. It has paralyzed the interpersonal communication and interpersonal relationships.

Functionality Issues

The VR culture possesses some major functionality issues. VR is a software-based tool and software can be creating problems. VR too creates problems when its software needs any update or it gets hacked. So, within this time what can you do despite waiting.

If you are a student and you want to carry on with your VR classes but it’s not working well so it can paralyze your chain of education. Same is the case with gamers, gamers need to be online and ready to play whenever their team asks them otherwise, they will be kicked out of the squad.

Addiction to the Virtual World

No doubt VR culture brings you the best version of the virtual world but the thing to note about it is that it is keeping people away. We can see many people sitting close to each other physically but mentally they are poles apart from each other. This is all due to addiction to the virtual world.

People find the virtual world so interesting that they do not even bother about what is happening in the world they are living in. The sense that everyone listens to them and the world may run according to their desires which is only possible in the virtual world, is keeping people apart.

This distance among people is very hard to resolve and it can only be cut short by removing the interpersonal barriers and making our communication effective.


In a nutshell, VR is a good advancement as it gives you a new era to experience but it is keeping people apart and it is being a barrier among generations. Plus, it is very expensive to bear and if it damaged it will be hard to repair.

So, one should keep technology and society in balance and keep up with the VR culture because technology is future after all.

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