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Principles And Practice of Physics Mazur PDF [Direct Link]

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Book namePrinciples and Practice of Physics Mazur



A classic introduction to the unifying fundamentals of Physics is presented in Principles and Practice of Physics Mazur PDF. Clear and up to date text accompanied by full-color avid illustrations provides an exciting journey of learning. The fundamentals of acceleration, momentum, and energy are clearly explained among other conventional topics. Thermal, Electrical, and the physics of waves are covered elaborately through several chapters. Mazur provides a solid reference book for high school students who must build a concrete foundation of the basics of the subject. You will not regret buying it.

 Table of Contents

  1. Foundations
    2. Motion in One Dimension
    3. Acceleration
    4. Momentum
    5. Energy
    6. Principle of Relativity
    7. Interactions
    8. Force
    9. Work
    10. Motion in a Plane
    11. Motion in a Circle
    12. Torque
    13. Gravity
    14. Special Relativity
    15. Periodic Motion
    16. Waves in One Dimension
    17. Waves in Two and Three Dimensions
    18. Fluids
    19. Entropy
    20. Energy Transferred Thermally
    21. Degradation of Energy
    22. Electric Interactions
    23. The Electric Field
    24. Gauss’s Law
    25. Work and Energy in Electrostatics
    26. Charge Separation and Storage
    27. Magnetic Interactions
    28. Magnetic Fields of Charged Particles in Motion
    29. Changing Magnetic Fields
    30. Changing Electric Fields
    31. Electric Circuits
    32. Electronics
    33. Optics
    34. Wave and Particle Optics



  • Up to date and detailed text covers the entire basics of physics.
  • Full-color, annotated illustrations for detailed understanding.
  • Tables and charts complement concept building.
  • Questions and answers for self-assessment.
  • Quantitative explanations to back theories.
  • Easy to use PDF edition relieves the hassle of carrying a book.


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Customer Reviews

‘This is a complete textbook, aimed at the level as textbooks like Giancoli, or Jewett and Serway, are. It is a completely different introduction to physics, by going for the philosophical concepts first, which is the only sensible pedagogical approach. Guaranteed to be much more useful.’

‘After reading just the first three chapters of Principles and Practice of Physics (PPP), I already feel more capable than I have ever been in understanding Physics. The layout of PPP is quite different from traditional Physics textbooks. Dr. Mazur’s chapter format begins with sections for conceptual understanding, and in the chapter’s latter sections he applies those concepts to more mathematical treatments’.


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