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Author:Marc S Sabatine


In the hectic work routine that medical professionals have, a pocket-friendly guide such as Pocket Medicine 6th edition pdf is a lifesaver-quite literally. Its precise and accurate text aims to be a diagnostic tool in the face of internal medicine diseases in the areas of cardiology, neurology, and many more.

The book also provides a quick reference to treatments, medications, medical formulae, and abbreviations. With colored radiographs, blood smears, and echocardiograms, what more could you ask for from your everyday companion?

Pocket Medicine 6th Edition PDF – Contents

  • Cardiology- starting with a quick guide to electrocardiography, this unit covers all major cardiac disorders including heart failure, cardiomyopathies, atrial fibrillation, and many more. Also deals with the common phenomena of chest pain, hypertension, and syncope. Cardiac Management Devices are also given a review.
  • Pulmonary Medicine- reviews the complete array of pulmonary diseases such as COPD, Pulmonary effusion, Hemoptysis, and many more.. Also contains Pulmonary Function tests.
  • Gastroenterology- Reviews Esophageal and gastric related disorders along with diseases of the colon, pancreas, liver, and the biliary tract. Covers Abnormal liver tests, dysmotility, and nutrition.
  • Nephrology-Homeostasis of sodium, potassium, and water are an essential feature along with acid-base disbalance. Reviews Renal Failure, Glomerular disease, urinalysis, and nephrolithiasis.
  • Hematology-Oncology- a complete range of blood disorders and cancers. These include Anemia, coagulopathies, leukemias and lymphomas. Also includes Transfusion therapy. Reviews common cancers of prostrate, lung, and colon among others. Oncological emergencies are a key feature.
  • Infectious Diseases- fungal and bacterial diseases including tuberculosis and AIDS featured along with infections of the bones, nervous system, urinary tract, and many more.
  • Endocrinology-reviews the disorders of the pituitary, adrenal, thyroid and calcium regulating glands. Diabetes Mellitus is also included.
  • Rheumatology- vast range of diseases including rheumatoid arthritis, amyloidoses, and SLE.
  • Neurology-includes common disorders such as seizures, headaches, and stroke along with neuromuscular dysfunction and back and spinal cord disorders.


  • Precise and accurate bullet point text.
  • Tables for quick review especially for disease symptoms.
  • Updated with the latest material on Internal medicine.
  • Numerous values for a quick check of laboratory results.
  • Colored Photo inserts of radiographs, blood smears, echocardiograms, coronary angiograms, and urinalysis.
  • A specialized section on consults of surgical, Ob/Gyn and ophthalmic issues.
  • The Index includes medical formulae, antibiotics, and ICU medication on hypotension and shock.

If you are a medical student, resident, consultant, or nurse, Pocket Medicine 6th edition pdf is a must have at all times. Order it now. You may also share this guide with your colleagues so their work becomes easier too.

Your feedback makes us grow so please let us know if you enjoyed using the book, by commenting below. We always look forward to hearing from you.

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