PlayStation 5 Features and Design: Sony’s Thrilling Surprise Ahead!

 Its time to be the first one to get a hold on to the next generation of gaming console! Yes, we are talking about PlayStation 5, which has already created a big buzz around the whole world. Microsoft and Sony have been making some efforts where they both have been trying to get a glimpse of hardware specifications as well as gaming capabilities. But still, full-fledge features have not been announced yet!

Release Date

Now you might be thinking that what is the release date of PS5, which has been announced by Sony! It has been unveiled that PS5 will be coming up in the starting months of 2020. This news has been confirmed by Sony itself. So many users were expecting to welcome this console in November so they can finally get a chance to celebrate Christmas. But now, as the final announcement has been made, we are sure that amazing features and outstanding specifications will be part of it.

Leaked Features

Few of the unknown images have already been leaked, which is giving a clear view of the PS5 gaming console for the viewers. According to the leaked images, it is bringing a thicker and circular form of designing, which is attested to add some extra internal space inside the controller.

Apart from some adaptive triggers, some new audio improvements and the latest rumble has also been included in it. This is resulting it to appear in a more significant series of the controller. The range of haptic feedback with the adaptive triggers will be working altogether to bring about different levels of resistance to simulate the overall environment in which they are being used.

A Beefy Powerhouse!

In favor of the starters, it will be boasting a complete range of advanced form of AMD Ryzen processor all along with the GPU with the AMD Navi architecture, which makes it capable of any ray tracing. This feature is just available in a few of the high-end gaming rigs. It is also supporting a quick series of 8K graphics. At the same time, it will be a lot compatible to work with the latest version of PlayStation VR. There are no further which have been announced to launch a new console alongside withPS5.

As the memory has been concerned, it will be featuring a specialized form of HDD. This will be letting the processes as well as games to load around 19 times quicker as compared to all previous consoles.

Sony Interactive Entertainment President Jim Ryan, while interacting with the media, has stated that this time PS5 will be aiming to support the 4K visuals over a complete silky-smooth 120Hz. This will be a lot helpful when it comes to the display mode.

They even expanded a lot of information when it comes to cross-generational releases and also providing all the players in the middle of a smooth transition between various consoles.

Powerful GPU & CPU System

There have been so many rumors that are speculating about the CPU and GPU system of PS5. Its CPU has been wholly based through the third generation of the AMD’s Ryzen line of processors. This will be delivering around eight chores, all along with the firm’s new 7nm Zen 2 micro-architecture. Apart from that, PS5 has also been equipped with some custom Radeon GPU, which makes it capable enough for ray tracing.

PlayStation 5 is Available with Impressive 3D Audio Chip 

Besides, it is also settled with the custom based 3D audio unit as well within all its AMD processor. This usually means that it will be delivering a complete dramatic based audio experience. For the gamers, it can be a lot frustrating that the audio system would not be able to make any changes in between the PS3 and PS4. With the PS5 launch, this whole concept of the audio system will be completely changed. The gamers will be getting a chance to experience something significant and impression in the audio system working.

Super-Fast SSD

According to the latest news, it has been confirmed that PS5 will be offered with a solid-state drive (SSD) for storage. This will be a massive deal because it has been loading the games with the fun of being extra faster and quick as compared to the standard hard disk drive (HDD). This will be letting the gamers to enjoy the PS5 fun even much more.

Brilliant 8K Graphics 

The PS5 has been superbly supporting the range of 8K graphics. It is all set to target around 60 frames per second in the range of 4K. This will be acting upon as the primary base for the sake of displaying content.

The last most crucial element that has been part of PS5 is that it will be offering the most excellent usage of the PlayStation VR headset. This becomes much more interesting when it will be paired alongside the wireless PSVR 2 follow-up headset as well.

Although no such further details have been announced yet related to the VR system! The current system of the VR handset has been compatible to work with the new console. This sounds so much promising!

Well, the story does not end up here! There have been so many more features and rumored leaked that have been out related to the PS5. No further confirmation has been declared by Sony yet, which clarifies the fact that all the rumors and leaks are based on reality.

This was the end of the discussion about some of the exciting and best features that have been announced by Sony to be included in PS5. We are sure that after reading out the features you will be a lot excited for its launch. Stay tuned with us for latest updates and be the first one to hold his brilliant gaming console in your hand!

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