PD Trooper James Casey Tells the Consequences he had on his Life After the Tragic Shooting Incident

In the trial the prosecutor presented the facts and the jurors of Ramon Bueno are agreed. Arizona state trooper James Casey was also called by the state, so that he can also support the argument. Casey sadly told that how this dreadful accident changed his life and finished his dream career of being a police officer. 

On Thursday Bueno was found guilty of most charges. Only the most major one are left on judge. The guilty verdicts such as drive by shooting, aggravated assault and threatening are returned by the jury. Prosecutor stated that Casey pulled over a vehicle in a traffic stop. While he was identifying the passenger in the backseat, someone shot him. According to the authorities that backseat passenger was none-other than bueno, he was sitting behind the driver’s seat.

Regardless of being shot in the head, Casey returned to law enforcement and worked there. After sometime he came into sight, as he appeared on the A&E show Live PD. (Law &Crime founder Dan Abrams is a host on live PD.law&Crime is partially owned by A&E)

In 2018 Casey got retired from law enforcement. This incident was the reason behind his retirement. On Thursday there was intensified phase in which Casey told us in detail that what are the consequences of this incident on his life. He gave details about how this accident took a roster on his family.

“I’ve suffered PTSD,” he said. “When I first got out of the hospital, I would go weeks sleeping for an hour or two-I just could not sleep.” this statement is enough to know that how painful his situation was. He was completely devastated because his dream career was ended in a most unexpected and painful way which he never thought. 

In testimony he told that his health condition is not allowing him an MRI. he still have remaining bullet fragments inside his head. He has scars on his face which keeps recalling him those painful moments. He can’t breathe properly and he has a prosthetic teeth. He must be attentive while eating crunchy foods such as crisps or nuts because it can burst the fistula in his mouth. He is unable to chew gum and candy anymore.

He said “I think the biggest thing for me was, anybody who was known me growing up, I always wanted to be the police from the time i was little, and this is not the way I wanted to end my career. I didn’t want to end it at his hands, specially” he said pointing at bueno.” 

A true hero never wants to end his career in such a way. We feel sympathy for Casey and want justice for him. 

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