Massive Sales of Recreational Marijuana in Michigan After Legalization Almost $ 10 Million within 1 week after legalization

Legal weed’s sale is breaking the record in michigan. $ 10 billion sale in first 6 weeks after legalization. 

Now you can buy a legal weed in michigan, It is good news for marijuana enthusiasts. After 13 months of voter’s approval, the citizens of Michigan are allowed to buy marijuana. Tue buyer’s and user’s age should be 21+. 56% people voted for the legalization of marijuana. They are also allowed to grow upto 12 plants in their houses for the personal use. 

In first 6 weeks after the legalization of weed, $ 10 million worth of marijuana has been sold. The marijuanaregulatory agency is setting a program in which they are maintaining the rules for the industry. they are also planning to grow industry and expecting $1 billion revenue when it is fully expand

There are almost 35 shops which got the permit from the state for selling marijuana.but only 16 shops in Michigan are selling the marijuana after legalization. Rest shop’s owners are waiting to have enough marijuana products deposits to match demand and supply. 

In metro detroit there are three shops. 1 is in Walled Lakeand two are in River Rouge. They are not open yet, though they have a permit from the state. 

There are few reasons behind the extensive availability of marijuana in michigan. First of all they are trying to limit the amount of sales that a customer could buy. By this they are also helping those communities who are still figuring out the rules of selling and promoting legal weed businesses. 

Here is an example of Detroit, it has 40 medical drug stores which can sell marijuana to people who have medical marijuana cards. But the city council has prohibited the sales till 31 jan. the reason behind this ban is they are crafting a recreational marijuan ordinance for the state of michigan. 

From where you can buy recreational marijuana in Michigan state?

Here we are stating spots from where you can buy a recreational marijuan in Michigan. But you have to be 21+ for this purpose.

Ann Arbor

  • Arbor Wellness, 321 East Liberty
  • Exclusive Brands, 3280Varsity
  • Greenstone Provisions, 338 Ashley
  • Ann Arbor Healing, 3720 Washtenaw, Ann Arbor
  • Om of Medicine, 111 South Main, Ann Arbor
  • Skymint, 1958, South Industrial Highway, Ann Arbor 


  • Michigan Supply and Provisions, 1096 East Main


  • Lit Provisioning Center, 600 West 7th, Evart

Bay Country

  • Roots, 3557 Wilder Road, Bay City
  • Nature’s Medicines, 3480 E.North Union Road, Bay City


  • The Fire Station, 162 Heritage DR, Negaunee


  • Releaf Center for Compassionate Care, 144 W Broad, Chesaning


  • The Barn, 3491 East Bristol, Burton

Battle Creek

  • Battle Spring, 2245 W. Columbia, Battle Creek

Rogers City

  • Meds Cafe, 2352 South US 23, Rogers City


  • Choice Labs, 3331 Pge Ave, Jackson
  • 20 Past 4, 3590 Ann Arbor Road, Jackson

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