Jay Leno Test Drives Elon Musk’s Cyber Truck

The Tesla Cybertruck prototype has been spotted around the place of Los Angeles that was set with the test drive of none other than the Elon Musk as well as Jay Leno.  Tesla has just newly unveiled the amazing product of Cybertruck in the year 2019. This vehicle made its appearance on the public roads a couple of times ever since the time it has been launched out.  But the way Elon Musk has carried away the test driving has made this vehicle to be the main headlines of the media news. He was spotted out driving into the electric pickup prototype near a restaurant in the place of Los Angeles.

Well, it would not be wrong to say that the overall designing of the Cybertruck has been so much unique but the way it has been settled with the electric pickup truck has made it so much impressive looking.  It is looking so brilliant when it is ruling on the main roads as compared to the regular vehicles.

At the time of unveiling the truck in the previous year, Tesla has stated that the tri-motor version will be able to accelerate upon the speed of 0 to 60 mph in the duration of just 2.9 seconds. In just the time span of 10 seconds, it will be finishing the distance of a quarter-mile.

This has been definitely a big advancement that has been announced by the side of the Tesla Company for its customers. The whole designing of the cyber truck has been done on the magnificent terms which make it look overall so much amazing and exciting to watch out for. As you will be looking at once, you will even find yourself falling in love with the beauty of this truck product.

Jay Leno or Tesla CEO Elon Musk were encountered performing a test drive for the Tesla Cybertruck. They shared a video in which they were both spotted at the location of Cybertruck today! It gives out the impression as if they were completely filming for one of the episodes of Jay Leno’s Garage that was featuring the Tesla Cybertruck.

Leno has even got with some exclusive content by the side of Tesla to feature upon with some prototypes within the past just like Tesla’s next-gen Roadster prototype. Tesla announced that they have been also planning out to bring the launch of two higher-end versions related to the Cybertruck in the year 2021. Those two trucks will be having the electric mileage in between the range of 300-500 miles of capacity. It will be completely equipped all through the dual as well as tri-motor powertrains.

According to the Musk statement, the Cyberquad that is an electric ATV will soon be launched out as being the major option for the Cybertruck buyers as a truck!

Here we would like to mention that Tesla Chief has been around 6’2” in height. There has been still a chance that an accurate amount of some clearance will be taking place between the Musk’s head as well as the Cybertrucks roof.

This has been one of the major launches for the software updates over ‘version 9.0’. Last year it was released in the month of August. This will be bringing all across the feature of first ‘full self-driving features’ in the middle of the Autopilot 2.0 vehicles.  It is bringing the course of user interface refresh, along with some advanced features in its timeline. It has been all together settled with some of the advanced features which are related to the Autopilot.

Table of Contents

Important Features

You will be finding it included with some of the basic elements of the Autopilot improvements and is offering a quick range of dashboard updates as well. It is included with the latest form of improved Autopilot rolling update with some auto-steering features as well. It has been all settled with the lane-changing feature as well as warning notifications too. There have been so many auto control features which are associated with the cruise control.

It would also be offering you the braking, high beams, parking, and speed control. This technology has been added with some of the amazing improvements which are a lot needed when it comes to the existing set of Autopilot technology.  This statement was announced by CEO Elon Musk himself.  The whole designing of the cyber truck has been done on the magnificent terms which make it look overall so much amazing and exciting to watch out for. This news has been coming out all the way right through several investigations into the role of Tesla’s current Autopilot. This would be brought about with the features of the Model X crashed and fatality, all along with the Model S crash.

Here we would like to mention that the upcoming news of the full self-driving features does not mean that the cars of Tesla will be offering a range of completely autonomous driving based experiences. This overall improved version related to the Autopilot has been available for the Autopilot 2.0 vehicles that are presented at the cost of around $5,000 package.  Tesla has been also featured upon with the range of the $3,000 package which will be letting the ‘Full Self-Driving Capability’ completely. This current functional touch will be all available right through the range of the extensive software validation and so as with the regulatory approval.

It would not be wrong to say that this new version of the software version is all aiming to enhance the existing Enhanced Autopilot mode. This can bring about some of the major crashes in the past. One of the fatal crashes would happen to take place on US Highway 101 near Mountain View. This did bring the limitations of the Autopilot into the limelight. It also brings about the rise in the questions about the semi-autonomous system that is available on Tesla vehicles since the release of Model S back in October 2014.

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