High Yield Neuroanatomy (High Yield Series) Fourth Edition PDF Free Download

Edition4th edition
Pages160 pages

iISBN 13
• ISBN-10: 0781779464
• ISBN-13: 978-0781779463
Book nameHigh yield neuroanatomy (high yield series)
Publisher LWW; Fourth edition (September 2, 2008)
Author:Jmaes D. Fix


If you are in a search of good books which can help you in preparing for the USMLE step 1 exam so your wait is over. Here we are going to share an article which is about High yield neuroanatomy (high yield series) fourth edition pdf. This book is filled with all the relevant, comprehend, important and required text for USMLE step 1 exam. Let’s explore the key features of this book.

Book description:

  • This book is considered as one of the best sellers. By this, you can get an idea that this masterpiece is globally popular.
  • All the relevant and important information about neuroanatomy is added in the content of this book.
  • In the highlight, you will find disease states and a brief discussion of key neuroanatomical structures.
  • The book content is filled with colored illustrations and tables. By this students get clear concepts of the topic.
  • The edition is fully revised and up-to-date. All the current studies and researches are there in this book.
  • Clinical scenarios are also added. They raise specific questions and relevant explanations and answers are there at the end of each chapter.
  • Biological and Psychological Bases of Behavior, Psychopathology, Social Behavior and Epidemiology, Statistics, The Life Cycle and the Practice of Medicine are the six major portions of High yield neuroanatomy (high yield series) fourth edition pdf.

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 Content table:

Following is the table of content. By this, you will get an idea about the book-text evening before opening this. All 23 chapters are equally informative and important for the preparation of USMLE step 1 exam.

Chapter 1. Child Development

Chapter 2. Adolescence and Adulthood

Chapter 3. Aging, Death, and Bereavement

Chapter 4. Psychoanalytic Theory

Chapter 5. Learning Theory and Behavioral Medicine

Chapter 6. Substance-Related Disorders

Chapter 7. Sleep

Chapter 8. The Genetics of Behavior

Chapter 9. Behavioral Neuroanatomy and Neurochemistry

Chapter 10. Psychopharmacology

Chapter 11. Schizophrenia and Other Psychotic Disorders

Chapter 12. Mood Disorders

Chapter 13. Cognitive Disorders

Chapter 14. Other Psychiatric Disorders

Chapter 15. Suicide

Chapter 16. Tests to Determine Neuropsychological Functioning

Chapter 17. The Family, Culture, and Illness

Chapter 18. Sexuality

Chapter 19. Violence and Abuse

Chapter 20. The Physician-Patient Relationship

Chapter 21. Health Care Delivery

Chapter 22. Legal and Ethical Issues in Medical Practice

Chapter 23. Epidemiology

Chapter 24. Statistical Analyses


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