Hardwired to Self Destruct Review


Music is loved by every single person on the planet earth. Good musicians are always in trend and people responds them with the gesture of love and happiness

Hardwired to self-destruct is a master piece created by Metallica. It is an American heavy metal band. They released that music album as a double album in the year 2016.

After the release of their first album Death Magnetic this album was birthed after the period of eight years. It is considered a she longest gap among two albums. The producer of this music album was Greg Fidel man. Death magnetic was also engineered by him. Let’s explore further about the album in Hardwired to self-destruct review.

Track list

  1. “Hardwired”
    2. “Atlas, Rise!”
    3. “Now That We’re Dead”
    4. “Moth Into Flame”
    5. “Am I Savage?”
    6. “Halo On Fire”

Disc Two

  1. “Confusion”
    2. “Dream No More”
    3. “ManUNkind”
    4. “Here Comes Revenge”
    5. “Murder One”
    6. “Spit Out The Bon

This album cracked the records

The great thing about this album is that it was consecutively the 6th studio album which secured the number one position on US Billboard 200.  291,000 copies were sold in the first week of its release. It was on top of the chart in almost 57 countries.

More than five million copies were bought by the music lovers from all around the world. The good thing is that almost all the comments were positive from critical reception.

The fact you must know in Hardwired to self-destruct review that this album got almost all reviews in its favor. It took eight Ong years to complete but the wait was worth it. People loved the music and appreciated it like anything.

They worked hard day and night and got the best results which left every one surprised. At the end of 2015 one of the video was posted on a fan page of metallic in which Ulrich brings a camera into the studio where James Hatfield was recording a few seconds of a crushing, doomy guitar riff. Around Christmas.

In March it was said by Ulrich that the year 2016 would be a “pretty in-your-face year, at least the back half of it.” He further said that he hope that this album will set a new record and time proved his words right.

If you are among those few people who are unaware of this master music piece so log in YouTube and explore one of the best music all of time.

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Give it as a gift to any fan of this superb band and the album. Share this Hardwired to self-destruct review with all the fans who loves to read about. Have a courage to explore new things and work hard because hard work is the only way to success and Metallica proved it right.

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