Gamers, Gear up for Apex Legends Season 4!

EA and Respawn are all set to bring up the latest launch of the 4th season of most famous Battle Royale game which is named as Apex Legends. The releasing date of this game has been announced as 4th February. All the battle Royale game lovers are so much excited to be the first one to catch this incredible battle game right now!

This new season of the Apex Legends will bring upon with some new and fantastic battle pass all along with some fantastic items of the gaming battle as a complete entertainment (lots of bundle). It will be introducing a new legend by the name of Forge. Respawn has described this latest character being the most confident and yet the humble one with so much tremendous strength and included with the heavy-duty Shatter Gauntlets.

The 4th season of this game is known as Assimilation. The emerging set of the battle passes, which is included in this game, has been included with a maximum of 100 new fantastic items. This will be bringing for you with some loading new weapons all along with the music packs and with some incredible skins. Players will also be interacting with the new weapon known as ‘Sentinel’. This new weapon is a complete bolt-action rifle in the middle of the armor-piercing capabilities.

Apart from all such new items, Assimilation will include some new and amazing ranked series. This will be featuring around six weeks of the ranked play being followed by the ‘reset.’ This latest ranked season will be including the dive trials along with the master tiers which will be completely transitioned into the seasonal reward model.

Season 4 Will Bring New Celebrations 

Season 4 is expected to bring some mesmerizing new celebrations in favor of the game’s first anniversary. This fantastic anniversary gift will be given away to all those players who will be heading into the game the first week from the 4th of February till 11th February 2020. This gift will be featuring a one-year loyalty badge, all along with the one-year Origami Flyer charm, plus the involvement of 10,000 XP first the first match during the time of each day of the week.

Enjoying Latest Battle Pass in Apex Legends Season 4

Another most exciting thing about the Apex Legends Season 4 is that it will be introducing with some of the latest and best all-new pass in this upcoming season. This will be adding around 100 exclusive items in which we have legendary skins, as well as Apex Packs, loading screens, with some music, and so much more.

Attack all Your Enemies with Sentinel at Apex Legends Season 4

A fantastic weapon The Sentinel has been newly introduced in the Apex Legends Season 4 which has been designed in the transformation of the bolt-action sniper rifle. This gun has the capability in which it will be cutting down all of your enemies before they approach you. This will make you get the feeling of how much power it is. The overall imaginary graphic of the gun has been quite attractive looking.

Overview on Ranked Mode of Apex Legends Season 4 

Apex Legends Season 4 has also been introducing with some of the latest master tiers inside its ranked mode. This will be completely replacing the emerging Apex Predator Tier. Making its way to the 10,000 RP or even much more hence put upon the Master Tier as in Season 4. Apex Predator will somehow stand on the top tier, which is limited to the range of around 500 players as per platform. All the players need to make some efforts in which they have to maintain their position within the Apex Predator Tier this coming season.

Season 4 will be highlighting the introduction of the Ranked Splits. The Season is based on the two basic splits that are being played on two different maps. Spilt 1 will be taking place between 3rd February till 23rd March over the World’s Edge. Whereas the Split 2 will be heading to the Kings Canyon between the timeline of March 24 as well as May 5!

Know About Map Changes of Apex Legends Season 4

Now let’s talk about the map changes in Apex Legends Season 4! World’s Edge hence encounters some of the necessary differences in the Apex Legends Season 4. The developers have put some extra efforts where they are trying to let the players make their own decisions. One of the most significant changes has been the Planet Harvester which the Hammond Robotics has on the whole plopped just by the side of the Fuel Depot. It is being used to extract some precious metals.

The harvesters will be emitting a specific red beam of light which is evident straight away from the World’s Edge, and it pinpoints merely the wholesome center of the map. As its layout has been concerned, it has been all settled with the multi-level based structure where you can also view the long hallways that are making its way to the center.

The range of dropping upon a massive piece of metal extractor right into the center of the map has been offered with the split Capital City into the division of two zones. It is now known as Fragment East and even Fragment West. The fissure that has been caused due to the Harvester’s deployment will eventually be dealing with the 25 damage who has been lucky enough to easily jump or even fall into it The Survey Camp is known out to be the latest and yet the small location that is positioned in the middle of the Epicenter as well as Skyhook.

Well, all the Battle Royale action game lovers out there, don’t forget to download this exciting and action-packed game of Apex Legends Season 4! It is superbly included with some fantastic gameplay mode and features which will force you to play this game all the time!

Are you ready for it?

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