Fundamentals of Pathology Pathoma PDF 2017 [Direct Link]

Fundamentals of Pathology Pathoma PDF 2017

Book name

Fundamentals of Pathology


Year 2017 edition
HussainA.Sattar, MD


Fundamentals of Pathology Pathoma PDF 2017 is known as the most popular pathology book. This book is equally famous in USA and all around the Globe. The students related to medical field take maximum benefit from the comprehensive and detailed explanations of this book.


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According to HussainA.Sattar, MD, (the author of this book), the basic intention of this book is to help students in reviewing. They can take maximum advantage out of this book in their preclinical years. Fundamentals of Pathology Pathoma 2017 PDF also known as one of the most helpful books for preparation of different types of pioneering board exams such as United States Medical Licensing Examiner (USMLE). Major textbooks of pathophysiology and pathology were used as a sample by the author while creating this masterpiece. That is the reason behind prescription of this master piece by all medical schools throughout the United States. The well-versed content of this book helps the students in the best way.


Fundamentals of Pathology Pathoma PDF 2017

How to use the book content in best ways

Here in this article, we will discuss the effective use of this book. Hope this article will encourage you to download pdf format or purchase a hard copy of this book. By the help of this book, you will be a future high scorer for sure.

  • It is recommended by the author of this book HussainA.Sattar, MD, that this book will provide you maximum benefit if the content of Fundamentals of Pathology Pathoma will be used along with the video lectures of Pathoma.
  • The empty space has been provided by the book publisher so that students can note and write lectures from the teacher or even from the video.
  • These notes will be turned out as the great source of help during the exam’s preparation.
  • Watch video lecture after reading the book. This will help you in building firm concepts. In this way, the revision for the examination will be done automatically.

About the author

We must be thankful to the author of this book comprehend with wonderful content. HussainA.Sattar, MD, is the name of that great person who wrote this masterpiece. He was born in Chicago and also graduated from the University of Chicago. He completed his M.D was completed from Pritzker school of medicine and also serving as an Assistant professor of Pathology

Table of contents in Fundamentals of Pathology Pathoma 2017 PDF

  1. CHAPTER 1: Growth adaptations, cellular injury, and cell death
  2. CHAPTER 2: Inflammation, inflammatory disorders, and wound healing
  3. CHAPTER 3: Principles of Neoplasia
  4. CHAPTER 4: Hemostasis and related disorders
  5. CHAPTER 5: Red blood cell disorders
  6. CHAPTER 6: White blood cell disorders
  7. CHAPTER 7: Vascular Pathology
  8. CHAPTER 8: Cardiac Pathology
  9. CHAPTER 9: Respiratory Tract Pathology
  10. CHAPTER 10: Gastrointestinal Pathology
  11. CHAPTER 11: Exocrine pancreas, gallbladder, and liver pathology
  12. CHAPTER 12: Kidney and urinary tract pathology
  13. CHAPTER 13: Female genital system and gestational pathology
  14. CHAPTER 14: Male genital system pathology
  15. CHAPTER 15: Endocrine Pathology
  16. CHAPTER 16: Breast Pathology
  17. CHAPTER 17: Central Nervous System Pathology
  18. CHAPTER 18: Musculoskeletal Pathology
  19. CHAPTER 19: Skin Pathology


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