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When USMLE is near and you are looking for the best preparatory material. The book first aid USMLE pdf can be a game changer for your preparation. If we say it will lead you among the high scorers so it won’t be wrong.


The popularity graph of this book among the medical students is too high and the reason is it’s easy to understand and comprehensive way of writing. The detailed explanation will help in quick learning and long retaining.

The topics which have been tested more frequent in exams are always considered as important ones. Don’t worry, this book emphasis a lot on such topics. This article is all about First aid USMLE pdf and how important and useful it is for a good preparation. Hope this article would be an enough help for you to prepare in the best way.

Before downloading the book, let’s have a look in extraordinary features of this written wonder. We have listed down the new additions and key features of this book.

Key features of First aid USMLE step 1 2017 pdf

  • In this book, you will find more than 30 completely new facts researches. Such as gallstones and related pathologies (p. 379), cellular changes (p. 214) and the neurodegenerative disorders (p. 490).
  • According to the student feedback and course outline of United States Medical Licensing Examiner they made sure to deliver content which is more relevant to health care delivery and safety science.
  • The special emphasis has been made on chapters related to neurology. This thing will help students to distinguish between neuropathology and normal physiology.
  • Rapid review questions have improved. This section helps to revise important questions quickly and improves the capability of learning too.
  • More than 50 new images have been added in this new addition. This illustration will be helpful to the students for basic science concepts and descriptive findings.
  • Pathologic findings and normal anatomy has made easy with the help of clearly optimized and relabeled images.
  • More than 75 new and revised diagrams have been added to this masterpiece. They merge therapeutics, pathophysiology, and diseases into attractive substructure for notation and objectification.

Examples: pages 96 (MHC I and II), 595 (estrogen) and 534 (psychiatric diagnoses by symptom duration).

  • If you buy a hard copy so the price will be worth it. Due to heavy duty binding and thick cover book’s durability will be long.

Content list of the book

SECTION1: Guide to Efficient Exam Preparation

SECTION2: Special Situations

SECTION3: High-Yield General Principles

SECTION4: High-Yield Organ Systems

SECTION5: Top-rated review resources


This book is highly recommended for the students who are preparing for USMLE. Share this article related First aid USMLE pdf to with your friends and help them to find pdf format of such useful book.

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