Explore about the walking dead: saint and sinners (Review)

Here we are going to give you a great review about The Walking Dead: Saints and sinners. This game is a little different, everywhere you will see zombies, night guns and a lot more. let’s explore further about the VR game Sent and the Sinners.  Zombie games are not a new thing. Slaughtering different zombies is a common thing but The Walking Dead franchise always make things interesting by putting something new in their games.

New Orleans is the place where this game took place. In this game you will see that the current situation of the city is very horrifying. You will be able to see the absence of governance and law and order. The New Orleans is divided into portions, everyone is trying to control the city and eagerly want the reserves. The reserves of medicines, food and ammunition are there in the military Bunker. The only person who knows about the reserves is a friendly agent named Henry. If you are used too of the game Walking Dead, you can guess what is going to happen now.

The next thing you are going to do is to search that reserves at your own. Your home will be in the middle of the Zombie outbreak. There will be a lot of crafting benches and techniques. By this we came to know that it is not just a Zombie killing game,after the first interaction with the combat you will get this idea. You have to put a screwdriver in the Zombies head and also have to pull it back.  You have to load your gun, insert the magazine, load the bullets and chambers. 

The best thing about this VR game is that it is extremely detailed. You cannot kill the Zombie by just inserting the knife. A player has to pull back the arm screw the the blade into zombies head or any other body part to kill them. It is gross and satisfying at the same time. The intensity of this game is the best thing about it. You can craft your own weapons and it is not complicated at all. Just keep collecting random things, it will help you in making weapons or something by which you can Heal yourself or it can give you a more backpack space.

The Walking Dead Saints and sinners is a Perfect Combination of undead and the living beings.

 You got the main idea from this article but still there is a lot more to explore, for that you have to play this game. Give your reviews about this game, it will be appreciated. Here you could find the things which seems useful but they won’t and also there will be things about which you think that they are useless but they will be helpful for you, so play smartly. It is a great gift for the people who loves zombie games. If you like to play zombies game, so it is going to be your favourite game from now on. Kill more zombies and reach your target.

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