Essentials of Musculoskeletal Care 5th Edition PDF

Edition 5th edition
Pages1200 pages
ISBN• ISBN-10: 1625524153
• ISBN-13: 978-1625524157
Book nameEssential of musculoskeletal care
Language English
Publisher Amer Academy of Orthopedic; 5th Edition (September 25, 2015)
Author:American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (Author), April D. Armstrong BSc (PT) MSc MD FRCSC (Editor), Mark C. Hubbard MPT (Editor)


The Essential of musculoskeletal care 5th edition pdf is a revised edition. It contains more than 300 conditions, complaints, and their treatments. It is a go-to guide which provides all the needed information via comprehensive coverage, instructions and the collection of exercises and videos.

Above 200 video demonstrations are also available to show that which exercise pattern will be suitable for the patient. Let’s explore further about it via book description and table of contents.

Book Description:

  • This edition is fully revised. There is step by step instructions in the content to treat and cure the orthopedics problems.
  • Colored images and illustrations are also inserted in between the content to help you in better understanding.
  • In-depth information throughout every section includes tests, definitions, differential diagnosis, adverse outcomes, symptoms, referral decisions, treatments, and red flags.
  • Essential of musculoskeletal care 5th edition pdf also has a companion website. It has more than 200 video demonstrations about special tests procedures, exercise plans, and physical examination techniques.
  • There is a go-to- guide which is easy to download and follow. It has solutions for common pains and aches.

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Table of Contents

 Section 1: General Orthopedics

Section Editor: Letha Y. Griffin, MD, PhD

Section 2: Shoulder

Section Editors: Robert Z. Tashjian, MD; Mark C. Hubbard, MPT

Section 3: Elbow and Forearm

Section Editors: Joseph A. Abboud, MD; Mark C. Hubbard, MPT

Section 4: Hand and Wrist

Section Editors: Julie E. Adams, MD, MS; Mark C. Hubbard, MPT

Section 5: Hip and Thigh

Section Editors: Kathleen Weber, MD, MS; Mark C. Hubbard, MPT

Section 6: Knee and Lower Leg

Section Editors: Robert A Gallo, MD; Mark C. Hubbard, MPT

Section 7: Foot and Ankle

Section Editors: UmurAydogan, MD; Mark C. Hubbard, MPT

Section 8: Spine

Section Editors: Daniel T. Altman, MD, FACS; Mark C. Hubbard, MPT

Section 9: Pediatric Orthopaedics

Section Editor: Joseph A. Janicki, MD, MS; Kelly L. VanderHave, MD


Essential of musculoskeletal care 5th edition pdf is trusted by the sports medicine specialists, nurse practitioners, physical therapists, physician assistant’s physiatrists, osteopathic physicians, rheumatologists, athletic trainers, kinesiologists, primary care physicians, internists, medical students, pediatricians, and residents.

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