Essential Clinical Anatomy 5th edition PDF

ISBN:ISBN-13: 978-1451187496
ISBN-10: 1451187491
Author:Kieth L. Moore


Your go-to reference for human anatomy with its clinical aspects now comes in this user-friendly portable version. Essential Clinical Anatomy 5th edition PDF  provides accurate, up to date, and interesting text which is highly relevant for medical students who need to gain the basic understanding of anatomy to consultants who wish to refresh their knowledge. Vivid images with elaborate labeling and descriptions make it very easy to understand the test.

What sets this book apart from its contemporaries is the Clinical Correlates which help to apply the anatomical knowledge to medical practice.

Essential Clinical Anatomy 5th edition PDF Contents

Introduction to Clinical Anatomy- provides basic knowledge of anatomical approaches, positions, planes, and terms. It also gives brief knowledge of the major systems of the body which include integumentary, CVS, and lymphoid among others. The section concludes with Medical Imaging Techniques.
1:   Thorax- includes the thoracic wall with its fascia, musculature, vasculature, nerves, and surface. Also included are the viscera, in complete detail.
2:   Abdomen- major themes are the Abdominal wall, peritoneal cavity, abdominal viscera, abdominal viscera, and medical imaging of the abdomen.
3:  Pelvis and Perineum- After the introduction, the proceeding topics are the pelvic girdle and the pelvic cavity. Includes neurovascular structures and the viscera.
4:  Back- builds concepts on the vertebrae, vertebral column, muscles of the back, and the vertebral canal.
5:  Lower Limb- a complete description including the development, bones, nerves, fascia, and all other features of the lower limb.
6:  Upper Limb- Similar topics to the lower limb with pelvic girdle and axilla as additional.
7:  Head- includes the cranium, face, scalp, and the oral cavity among complete details of various other topics.

  • Neck- major theses include bones, fascia, lymphatic, and deep structures of the neck.
  • Review of cranial nerves- discusses all cranial nerves with their location and clinical importance



  • Detailed and up to date text.
  • Full-color vivid images.
  • Medical imaging relevant to the topics after with every unit.
  • Blue colored boxes containing clinical correlates to relate the text to medical practice.
  • Clinical boxes are accompanied by icons of life cycle, trauma, diagnostic procedures, surgical procedures, or pathology to indicate their area of relevance.
  • Tables which organize text into a reviewable and easy to comprehend form.
  • Illustrations, accurate to the last nerve.

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