Dr Pestana's Surgery Notes PDF
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Dr Pestana’s Surgery Notes PDF

Edition 3rd
ISBNISBN-13: 978-1625231123
ISBN-10: 1625231121
Book nameDr Pestana's Surgery Notes
Language English
Author:Dr. Carlos Pestana


Whenever in need of a review on core surgery, the world has trusted Dr Pestana’s Surgery Notes PDF. The perfect short layout of high yield notes and clinical vignettes.

Dr Pestana's Surgery Notes PDF

Table of Contents

Preface xiii

About the Author xvii

Section I Surgery Review

Chapter 1 Trauma 3

Initial Survey (the ABCs) 3

Airway 3

Breathing 4

Shock 4

Massive Bleeding 5

A Review from Head to Toe 7

Head Trauma 7

Neck Trauma 9

Spinal Cord Injuries 10

Chest Trauma 10

Abdominal Trauma 13

Pelvic Fractures 17

Urologic Injuries 17

The Extremities 19

Burns 19

Bites and Stings 23

Chapter 2 Orthopedics 25

Disorders in Children 25

Disorders of the Hip 25

Other Locations 26

Fractures 27

Tumors 28

Children and Young Adults 28

Adults 28

General Orthopedics 29

Common Adult Orthopedic Injuries 29

Orthopedic Emergencies 34

Common Hand Problems 36

Back Pain 37

Leg Ulcers 39

Foot Pain 40

Chapter 3 Pre-Op and Post-Op Care 41

Preoperative Assessment 41

Cardiac Risk 41

Pulmonary Risk 42

Hepatic Risk 42

Nutritional Risk 42

Metabolic Risk 43

Postoperative Complications 43

Fever 43

Chest Pain 44

Other Pulmonary Complications 45

Disorientation/Coma 46

Urinary Complications 47

Abdominal Distention 48

Is It Small Bowel or Colon? 49

What Are Air-Fluid Levels? 49

Wound 50

Fluids and Electrolytes 51

pH or Nanoequivalents? 52

Radiology for the Surgical Consumer 55

Chapter 4 General Surgery 57

Diseases of the Gastrointestinal System 57

The Upper Gastrointestinal System 57

The Mid and Lower Gastrointestinal System 59

Gastrointestinal Bleeding 64

The Acute Abdomen 66

Hepatobiliary 69

ERCP or MRCP? 71

The Pancreas 75

Hernias 77

A Primer of Surgical Oncology 77

Diseases of the Breast 79

Breast Cancer: An Example of Evolving Knowledge 82

Diseases of the Endocrine System 84

Help from Nuclear Medicine 85

Surgical Hypertension 87

Decoding the Operative Note: The Names of Operations 89

Chapter 5 Pediatric Surgery 91

Birth Through the First 24 Hours 91

A Few Days Old Through the First Two Months of Life 94

Later in Infancy 95

Chapter 6 Cardiothoracic Surgery 97

Congenital Heart Problems 97

Acquired Heart Disease 99

The Lung 101

Chapter 7 Vascular Surgery 103

The Riddle of Biopsies: FNA Versus Core, Incisional Versus Excisional 106

Chapter 8 Skin Surgery 109

Chapter 9 Ophthalmology 111

Children 111

Adults 112

Chapter 10 Otolaryngology (ENT) 115

Neck Masses 115

Congenital 115

Inflammatory Versus Neoplastic 116

Other Tumors 117

Pediatric ENT 118

ENT Emergencies and Miscellaneous 118

Chapter 11 Neurosurgery 121

Differential Diagnosis Based on Patient History 121

Vascular Occlusive Disease 121

Intracranial Bleeding 122

Brain Tumors 123

Pain Syndromes 126

Chapter 12 Urology 127

Urologic Emergencies 127

Congenital Urologic Disease 129

Tumors 130

Retention and Incontinence 131

Stones 132

Miscellaneous 133

Diagnosing Nocturnal Erections with Postage Stamps: A Generation Gap 134

Chapter 13 Organ Transplantation 135

Section II Practice Questions

Questions 139

Answer Key 231

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