Dota 2 Legendary coach 71 returns to China with Keen Gaming

Sometimes your skills makes you more perfect than experience. Here is the case of Tang “71”, in the history of Dota 2 professional scene, Wenvi is the one coach who as a remarkable resume and reputation even though he has never played the game before. The shows that how magnificent he is in his work.

He has a heritage of contributing his skills to make the team win. That is the reason behind signing him and removing the former coach, Zhang “LaNm” Zhicheng. “71’s coaching career is extremely legendary, and he is known for his rigorous and sharp words,” Keen Gaming said in the announcement. “With rich coaching experience, he has led many teams to achieve many brilliant glories. We believe that the addition of 71 can help this KG team further improve”.

Everyone is hopeful for the betterment of the team,his experience and coaching skills are turning the hopes high. The victories and success of his former teams make him more reliable and prestigious. Once he got the title of “Seven Lords” this huge title was given him when his team gave a magnificent performance in the first international of EHOME’s. The team scored around Zou “820” Yitian and Yao “357” Yi challanged Natus Vincere in the grand finals.

After that, he became the coach of several teams and made them win the TI events. Here is a score card, have a look and get an idea.

Team DK2014Fourth
EHOME2015  Fifth

Mineski was the last team which was coached by him. He coached only for two months in 2019 and then left the job. He left chinese Dota EHOME in year 2016, he signed with Keen and and returned after almost 4 years.

People who had high hopes for the 2019-2020 Dota Pro Circuit. They were failed in that and he is under the roster due to that. Runxi and the team are in the eye of many people, this is building pressure on them for the next set of qualifiers. The organization is hopeful that the coaching 0f 71 well help the team to be in the best shape. 

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