Donald Trump is trying to credit of ACA

Explore the truths before believing a lie

 We usually witness the lies during elections campaigns. Fake promises, fake hopes and false records are the part of such activities. Nowadays it is hard to do because each and every person of the nation is gathered on social media where they can defend the truths and deny the lies.

Same thing is happening in America nowadays, president trump is trying to be in good book to be in power again. For this purpose he is turning and twisting the truths and facts. His recent tweet about ACA (Affordable Care Act) is not acceptable for many Amaricans. Now there are few facts we would like to discuss with the reference of one of the most authentic sources of information in the U.S.A The New York Times.

donald trump
President Trump during a 2017 ceremony in the Rose Garden after the House of Representatives passed the American Health Care Act, which would have weakened protections for pre-existing health conditions.Credit…Stephen Crowley/The Copied From New York Times

What is the President Trump’s contribution in ACA?

President Donald Trump was not the part of ACA, even though he was not in Washington when this happened (in 2009-2010). It means that there is no contribution of Trump in providing health insurance to those American citizens who have prior health issues. He was the one who nullify the main features of Obamacare. Still his judicial department trying in court to change entire law. 

Before this law, there were only a few states in America which were providing health insurance to the citizens with prior health issues. People with asthma,cancer or even mild disease such as acne used to suffer for health insurance. ACA made the rule that everyone should be treated equally. It is mandatory for the health insurance companies to provide health insurance to every citizen who is willing to buy it. The price could be varying according to age and region of the consumer. 

Donald Trump already influenced upon Obamacare, many changes  have been made by hm. Critics conclude these changes as “sabotage” if it continues for a while so it would be hard for prior sick people to buy health insurance.

Is he trying to eliminate existing health protections of Obamacare?

Unfortunately the answer is yes. There is already a case going on in which the Trump justice department filed its last brief few days before. If Trump and the team wins the case, so there would be no option rather than declaring Obamacare as an unconstitutional law. After this the entire program will be eliminated and people with prior health issues will suffer again.

After all this we must want to know why Mr Trump is trying to be the hero of the people with prior health issues. His couple of tweets are trying to divert people’s attention from the current lawsuit in which he is trying to terminate complete ACA bill.  

We hope that either its Trump or Bloomberg, they all work for the wellbeing and prosperity of the people of America.

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