Deja Review Surgery PDF

Edition2nd edition
Pages412 pages

iISBN 13
• ISBN-10: 0071715126
• ISBN-13: 978-0071715126
Book nameDeja review surgery
Publisher McGraw-Hill Education / Medical; 2 edition (October 14, 2011)
Author:SarvenezSadaat, MD


The best content in medical books for the preparation of exams can be provided by the ones who had experienced and appeared in the exams. Deja Review Surgery PDF is a book which is written under the light of experiences by the students who has passed out the exams. Let’s explore the content, key features and description of this book. This book is meant to provide maximum retention in the minimum time.


  • The content of this wonderful book has been drawn from the experiences of medical students who have passed United State Medical Licensing Exam USMLE step 2 CK and other medical board exams.
  • The entire course Deja review series has been revised and reduced. By this students will be able to concentrate on main points.
  • This pattern of medical books helps in spearing precious time of students. Due to this student can learn a lot in the smallest span of time.
  • More than 100 high-yield images are there. These images help students in understanding the content in a better way.
  • Clinical vignettes are there at the end of each chapter. This things make the clinical study and practice quite easy.
  • This book also compliments other review books.
  • The book size is 6 x 9 which is considered as an ideal size. This portable book will be best to carry for on the go study.
  • The content needed for the Clerkship exams has been covered in Deja Review Surgery PDF.

Content table:

This book has been split into 12 chapters. You will find relevant and authentic information under each heading.

Chapter 1. The Basics;

Chapter2. Cardiology;

Chapter 3. Pulmonology,

Chapter 4. Neurology;

Chapter 5. Gastroenterology;

Chapter 6. Hematology-Oncology;

Chapter 7. Rheumatology;

Chapter 8 Nephrology;

Chapter 9. Endocrinology;

Chapter 10. Infectious Disease;

Chapter 11 Dermatology;

Chapter 12. Clinical Vignettes Review;

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About the author:

SarvenezSadaat, MD is an author of this optimistic book. She lives in the California United States of America. She has done her graduation in medicine from the University of California.


Every student wants and tries to be successful in every single exam of their career. Books play a vital role in scoring well. USMLE clerkship step 2 is an exam in which Deja Review Surgery PDF can help you in the best possible way.

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