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ISBN:ISBN-13: 978-0071627283
ISBN-10: 0071627286
Book nameDeja Review Behavioral Science, Second Edition 2nd Edition, Kindle Edition
Author:Gene R. Quinn



In need of a review that quickly covers all aspects of the Behavioral Science medical and USMLE course? Deja Review Behavioral Science, 2nd Edition, Kindle Edition PDF is here to save the day. The flash card format has proven to be highly efficient review before exams. It covers the entire array of topics that is broadly classified under the following; human development and physiology, psychiatric disorders and treatment, and ethics, healthcare, and statistics. The quick recall of knowledge is followed by ‘Make a diagnosis’ Clinical vignettes which enable application of knowledge to the clinical context. The book highlights mnemonics and key points that have proven to be high yielding on exams. The book lives u to its motto; maximum retention, minimum time.

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Table of Contents

Section I: Human Development and Physiology

Chapter 1. Early Stages of Life: Infancy to Childhood

Chapter 2. Middle stages of life: Adolescence to Childhood

Chapter 3. Late Stages of life: Aging Death, and Bereavement

Chapter 4. Psychoanalytic Theory

Chapter 5. Learning Theory

Chapter 6. Sleep Science and Disorders

Chapter 7. Sexuality

Chapter 8. Abuse and Aggression

Chapter 9. Suicide

Chapter 10. Genetic Basis of Behavior

Chapter 11. Neurochemistry in Behavior Sciences

Section II: Psychiatric Disorders and Treatment

Chapter 12. Psychotic disorders

Chapter 13. Mood Disorders

Chapter 14. Anxiety Disorders

Chapter 15. Cognitive Disorders

Chapter 16. Somatoform Disorders

Chapter 17. Personality Disorders

Chapter 18. Dissociative Disorders

Chapter 19. Substance and Abuse Disorders

Chapter 20. Food Disorders

Chapter 21. Child Psychiatry

Chapter 22. Psychopharmacology

Section III: Ethics, healthcare, and statistics

Chapter 23. Clinical practice and difficult situations

Chapter 24. Medical Ethics and Legal Issues

Chapter 25. Health Care in the United States

Chapter 26. Epidemiology and Research Design

Chapter 27. Biostatistics



  • Up to date and concise text covers the entire coursework.
  • A two-column flashcard format for the quickest review.
  • High yielding questions and answers.
  • Features Mnemonics and key points.
  • Tabulated text for rapid revision.
  • The new edition has a chapter on psychopharmacology.
  • Easy to use Kindle edition relieves the hassle of carrying a book.

For all medical students of first and second years and candidates of the USMLE Step 1 exam, we highly recommend Deja Review Behavioral Science, 2nd Edition, Kindle Edition PDF. Order it now at You may also share this guide with your colleagues so their work becomes easier too.

Did the book help you ace the exam? Or were there questions on the exam that the book did not cover efficiently? Your feedback makes us grow so please let us know if you enjoyed using the book, by commenting below. We always look forward to hearing from you.

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