Clean Code a Handbook Of Agile Software Craftsmanship PDF

EditionClean code: a handbook of agile software craftsmanship
Pages464 pages

iISBN 13
ISBN-13: 978-0132350884
ISBN-10: 0132350882
Book nameWindows 10 for dummies
PublisherPrentice Hall; 1 edition (August 1, 2008)
Author:Robert C. “Uncle Bob” Martin


Using and crafting software is a necessity of the current era. We all use different types of software somehow.  clean code a handbook of agile software craftsmanship pdf  is a book which can help you in multiple ways whenever you began to create or craft different types of software. Let’s explore that what type of content this book is providing and what we can learn from it.

Book description:

It is said that if a code isn’t clean so it can create a huge mess. Robert C. Martin the writer of this book, created a masterpiece. From which we can learn to clean codes.

  • This book has been divided into 3 parts. In the first part patterns, principles and how to write clean codes has been described.
  • The content of the second part is depending on the consistency of multiple case studies. Each case study will help you to understand in transforming and cleaning up the problem creation codes into the sound one.
  • The knowledge base results will be found in the third part. Every chapter contains a list of heuristics while generating a case study.

What readers will understand from clean code a handbook of agile software craftsmanship pdf?

  1. How to differentiate between bad and good code?
  2. Writing of good code and transformation of bad code into a good code.
  3. How to create good classes, good functions, good names and good objects.
  4. Formation of code for generating maximum readability.
  5. The practice of unit test and test-driven development.
  6. Implementation of error handling without disturbing the code logic.

Content table:

  • Go through the content table to understand the package of information this book is providing.
  • Chapter 1: Clean Code
  • Chapter 2: Meaningful Names
  • Chapter 3: Functions
  • Chapter 4: Comments
  • Chapter 5: Formatting
  • Chapter 7: Error Handling
  • Chapter 8: Boundaries
  • Chapter 9: Unit Tests
  • Chapter 10: Classes
  • Chapter 11: Systems
  • Chapter 12: Emergence
  • Chapter 13: Concurrency
  • Chapter 14: Successive Refinement
  • Chapter 15: JUnit Internals
  • Chapter 16: Refactoring SerialDate
  • Chapter 17: Smells and Heuristics
  • Appendix A: Concurrency II
  • Appendix B:
  • Appendix C: Cross References of Heuristics



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About the author:

Robert C. “Uncle Bob”(Clean Code Uncle Bob) Martin is working as a software professional since last 4 decades. He is a software consultant since 1990. Object Mentor, Inc., has been founded by him. The team of software engineers is working under him and serving the clients worldwide.


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