Charlie a 5 years old boy collect $260 for helping Australian People After hearing the horrible incident of Australian bushfires

Little hearts are the purest, Charlie the little boy from Philadelphia (originally belongs to Adelaide) proved this proverb true. After hearing the horrible incident of Australian bushfires little charlie thought to help the victims.

“He woke on Saturday morning saying he wanted to raise money for the Australian bushfire crisis,” Charlie’s grandfather Robert told 7news.

The damage caused by bushfires in Adelaide and Kangaroos Island made him think to help his home state’s fellows. He wanted to do something for their betterment. For this purpose, Charlie the little boy with golden heart set a small lemonade stall in front of South Wales busy supermarket. 

Australian flags, a fire engine, a message written about helping the victims and cute charlie with innocent face and sparkling eyes were enough to make that stall optimistic for the people. 

Charlie successfully earned $US260. He wanted to give this money for the South Australian country Fire Services. The ambition of helping others are rare nowadays. While A lot of kids are busy playing PlayStation and watching cartoons, we need more kids like Charlie. 

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