Case of Files Cardiology, 1st Edition PDF Free Download

Edition1st edition
ISBN:ISBN-13: 978-0071799195
ISBN-10: 0071799192
Book nameCase files cardiology
Publisher McGraw-Hill Education / Medical; 1 edition (November 22, 2014)
Pages 432 pages
Author:Eugene C. Toy (Houston, TX) Michael D. Faulx


Real cases based books are very essential for the medical students. With the help of such books, students not only upgrade their knowledge but also get themselves ready for different types of situations. Case files cardiology 1st edition PDF is a book in which you will find plenty of case files related to the issue of cardiology. Following is the book description, let’s explore about it.

Book description:

  • Readers can enhance their skills with the help of informative and real cases based reviews of this book.
  • More than 30 cases are added in this book. With the help of this example, patient care would be easier to understand and do.
  • After going through these clinical cases one would be enough experienced that he could do cardiac care in a very better and professional way.
  • In each case, key concepts have been added for the discussion. By this the learning would be very easy.
  • Board style questions are added in every case. With the help of those question, a good preparation can be done for board exams.
  • Clinical pearls are there in Case of files cardiology 1st edition PDF with master key concepts.
  • The content is written in such a way that you will learn and understand rather than just memorizing.
  • The content has been divided into two sections. In section l there are 3 parts related to cardiovascular desires.
  • In section ll, there are thirty cases altogether. They are divided into 6 portions (5 cases in each portion).
  • The specific title has been given to each portion. All five cases are related to that given specific title.

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Table of contents 

Section I: How to Approach the Cardiology Patient

Part 1. Cardiovascular History and Physical Examination

Part 2. Approach to the Electrocardiogram (ECG)

Part 3. Cardiovascular Providers and Procedures

Section II: Clinical Cases

Thirty Case Scenarios

Cases 1-5. Coronary and Vascular Diseases

Cases 6-10. Structural Heart Diseases

Cases 11-15. Rhythm Disorders

Cases 16-20. Pump Disorders

Cases 21-25. Consults and Complaints

Cases 26-30. Other Cardiac Diseases


Eugene C. Toy (Houston, TX) Michael D. Faulx are the authors of this wonderful book


In Case of files cardiology, 1st edition PDF is a book which is highly recommended for the students who are willing to learn about real cases related to cardiovascular disease. We are sure that after reading the above content you eagerly want to buy this wonderful book.

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