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ISBN:ISBN-13: 978-0071486651
ISBN-10: 0071486658
Book nameCase Files: Biochemistry 2nd Edition 2nd Edition
Author:Eugene C. Toy, MD
William E. Seifert, Jr., PhD
Henry W. Strobel, PhD
Konrad P. Harms, MD


All your needs of practice in biochemistry courses and board exams have been fulfilled by Case Files Biochemistry PDF. The book opens with a guide on the application of basic sciences in the clinical field; an essential tool to solve any case as a medical professional. Featured are 51 high yield biochemistry cases to sharpen clinical skills of students and exam-takers. The in-depth discussion of answers has proved to be a strong learning tool along with the key points which refresh the basic biochemistry knowledge.

Table of Contents

Section I: Applying the Basic Sciences to Clinical Medicine
Part 1: Approach to Learning Biochemistry
Part 2: Approach to Disease
Part 3: Approach to Reading
Section II: Clinical Cases
Fifty-One Case Scenarios
Section III: Listing of Cases
Listing by Case Number
Listing by Disorder (Alphabetical)

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A concise guide to the incorporation of basic sciences into clinical scenarios.

  • 51 high yield cases accompanied by USMLE-type questions.
  • Pearls of biochemistry summarize key points.

If you are a student appearing in a biochemistry board exam, Case Files Biochemistry PDF  is a must have for practice. Order it now at You may also share this guide with your colleagues so their work becomes easier too.

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