Campbell Biology 10th Edition Online: What New Features Are Added?

Campbell has been one of the recommended biology books for the students preparing for their DAT test or wants to prepare for another biology test. The first edition of the book was published in 1987 by the Biologist Neil Allison Campbell. The title is popular among the students and it has been reported that about 700,000 people had used this book since its first publication. There are eleven editions of the book. Here we are discussing the Campbell biology 10th edition. The book has several new features and additions. Either you buy the book or read the Campbell Biology 10th edition Online you will find following new features

Make Connection: A new addition

This is an excellent feature that is added in this edition. In the book, you will find pictures and facts are collected from different chapters to make a relationship. Therefore, it makes easy for the students to understand the terminology, concepts, mechanisms, and processes. You will find the artwork in which the authors have described the relationship between different processes. For example, Make connections: Plants and life challenges. In this, the author has paired the photos in order to explain how physiology can be applied to the diverse organisms.

Addition of knowledge questions

There are present different questions. The students have to read them carefully and then apply their knowledge to answer these questions. This is the best way to check the understanding of the students about the chapter. In this way student read the chapter again and again to clear the concept, hence he is able to understand each and every part and finally, he can perform best in his exams.

Scientific Inquiry Skills

This is the skill that teaches students how they can use reference and how students can elaborate their knowledge for further biology studies. You will find different guidelines and tips to improve biology related knowledge. You will learn different concepts like

  • Making and testing of predictions
  • Interpretation of data
  • Making the line graph
  • DAN deletion experiments
  • Use of Hardy Weinburg equation
  • Use of Logistic equation
  • Interpretation of the data questions.

Addition in Chapters

  • In chapter 1 you will find the presence of steps of gene expressions.
  • Chapter 5 ends with a new conclusion as well as there is the presence of the concept of genomics and the proteomics.
  • A new concept of genomic studies in chapter 41

Activities QuestionsPresent

There are present different activity questions. Through which students involve in different investigation type questions by analyzing the real data. They have to solve a mystery or open type questions.

Scientific skill exercises at the end of each chapter there is present a scientific skill exercise. The student read the question and try to answer it. In this way, they can judge themselves how much concept is cleared and what is the depth of their knowledge.

If you are going to prepare for your DAT test and searching for the biology book then you can read the Campbell Biology 10th edition online.

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