Campbell biology 10th edition eBook review

Campbell Biology is one of the bets Biology books that most students love to read to prepare various test related to this field. The book has been written by Neil Campbell who is the well-known Biology scholar and scientist. He published the first edition in 1984 and till now 11 editions have been marketed. The book is written beautifully and in simple English. Students read and understand the concepts easily and can prepare for their test without using any guideline.

If you are interested in reading the book, you can read the Campbell Biology 10th edition eBook. It is easy to get the online version. You can click to download it.

Review and Plot of the book

The book comprises of 56 chapters. There are eight mains sections that cover the different phenomenon of life. These eights sections are

  • Chemistry of life
  • The Cell
  • Genetics
  • Mechanism of evolution
  • The Evolutionary History Of Biological Diversity
  • Plant form and function
  • Animal form and function
  • Ecology

Each section covers six to seven chapters thus properly explaining all concepts related to the particular topic. At the end of each chapter, there is present the quiz and concept-based question. The students have to solve them in order to clear their concepts and to properly understand what actually the topic want to teach.

In each chapter, there are present images and make connection section in which the author interrelate topic from different chapter to describe the relationship between organisms, processes, and mechanisms.

About The Authors

Neil Campbell is the main author of the boo. He has complete command on the biological concept and he has written different biological concepts truly based on the research. He has more than 30 years of experience in teaching the biology subject. Therefore, he has written the appropriate content that is easy to understand by the readers.

Jane B Reece is an American writer and co-author of the Neil in compiling the Campbell Biology. She did her Ph.D. in bacteriology and got an award of the honorary doctorate in 2017 from the Uppsala University.

Lisa A Urry

She is the professor of biology who has done research on the embryos of sea urchin. Along with she has interest in science pedagogy. She has helped other authors in compiling various chapters of Campbell biology.

Peter V Minosky

Another co-author of the Campbell is Peter v Minosky. He is the professor and has a deep knowledge of the plants and their structures. He has deeply studied about the leaf, its structure, different mechanisms involved and the cell functions.

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