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ISBNISBN-13: 978-1455707072
ISBN-10: 1455707074
Author:Abul K. Abbas


A student-favorite across the world Basic immunology: functions and disorders of the immune system 4th edition pdf delivers a modern approach to immunology. It’s concise text and bright illustrations interest the reader instead of just memorization. The colored tabulations allow for a quick review of otherwise extensive data.

The book establishes a complete understanding of medical school Immunology including topics such as T-cell immunity, humoral immune responses, the immune response against tumors and transplants, and Hypersensitivity, among others. No area of Basic Immunology was left untouched by the authors.

Basic immunology Abbas  – Table of Contents

1 INTRODUCTION TO THE IMMUNE SYSTEM- builds basic concepts on innate and adaptive immunity, the cells and tissues of the immune system, and an overview of the immune response to microbes.

2 INNATE IMMUNITY- includes components and reactions of innate immunity among other topics.

3 ANTIGEN CAPTURE AND PRESENTATION TO LYMPHOCYTES- major themes include antigens, APCs, Major Histocompatibility proteins, and antigen presentation.

4 ANTIGEN RECOGNITION IN THE ADAPTIVE IMMUNE SYSTEM- explains the antigen receptors of lymphocytes and the development of immune repertoires.

5 T CELL-MEDIATED IMMUNITY- includes the complete phases of t-cell responses including biochemical and functional responses among other topics.

6 EFFECTOR MECHANISMS OF T CELL-MEDIATED IMMUNITY- major themes include t cell-mediated reaction, CD4 and CD8 cells, and resistance of microbes.

7 HUMORAL IMMUNE RESPONSES- includes complete detail on the activation of B lymphocytes and antibody production.

8 EFFECTOR MECHANISMS OF HUMORAL IMMUNITY- the chapter deals with the elimination of microbes and toxins. Also includes opsonization and the complement system among other topics.

9 IMMUNOLOGICAL TOLERANCE AND AUTOIMMUNITY- includes central and peripheral t cell tolerance, b cell tolerance, and autoimmunity among other topics.

10 IMMUNE RESPONSES AGAINST TUMORS AND TRANSPLANTS- the chapter includes different aspects of tumor immunity.

11 HYPERSENSITIVITY- includes types of hypersensitivity, diseases caused by antibodies, and diseases caused by T-lymphocytes.

12 CONGENITAL AND ACQUIRED IMMUNODEFICIENCIES- major themes include primary and secondary immunodeficiency and AIDS.

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  • Concise, accurate and up to date text.
  • Vivid, full- color illustrations.
  • Tables for a quick review of the text.
  • End of the chapter summary.
  • Review questions of self-assessment of gained knowledge.
  • An appendix reserved for clinical cases to sharpen application of knowledge.

basic immunology abbas 4th edition PDF is a must-have reference for all medical students. Order it now at You may also share this guide with your colleagues so their work becomes easier too.

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