Australian Bushfires Accused for Death of a Teenager

In the month of November 2019, Australia faced some worse air smoke, it caused a lot of health issues and breathing problems for the people. Especially the one who are already suffering with asthma and similar health problems. The smoke was fatal for some people, and it was creating breathing issue for every living being. Courtney was one of the victims.

Australian Bushfires Accused for Death of a Teenager

Courtney Partridge-McLennan died in November. She went to her bedroom for a peaceful sleep, not knowing that it would be her eternal sleep. In the morning she was found dead in her room. Doctors think that she had severe asthma attack during the night which caused the death of a teenager.  Courtny was an asthma patient since her childhood but according to her doctors, it was not so severe. As per her her family the asthma pump (ventolin) was also there on her bed side. Her cell phone’s torch was on, which indicates that she awake and tried to look for something.

Her sister Cherylleigh said that “she had no symptoms before she went to bed. She was healthy and that’s what made it the biggest shock for us. It was so out of nowhere.” 

She further told that Courtney’s death’s cause is still not confirmed. She said that her sister Courtney had a disease known as “hyper-extension of the lungs”. It could be the trigger of an asthma attack which took the life of her sister.

Her family believes that the bushfires took the life of Courtney. Australia is facing some worse air quality globally for the past few months. The areas which are adjacent to the firezones are more affected. The impact of illness is greater there. Couple of weeks before Courtney’s death, two people died. The bushfires are ongoing since september, it caused smoke and polluted air which narrows the human airways. Breathing difficulties triggers asthma, it turns deadly if no health assistance provided on time. That is what might Courtney faced.

Michele Goldman from advocacy group Asthma Australia said that “it can be really frightening experience when one is exposed to triggers like bushfires smoke. They can experience breathlessness and wheezing, and symptoms can quickly deteriorate into a very serious asthma attack which can be fatal”.

There should be proper education and awareness programs about such climate issues. It will help us in avoiding such incidents in future. Australian bushfires were fatal to many people. Changing climate is an issue for the entire world and people from all sound the world are suffering.  According to NASA there is a one full circle of smoke around the globe which is visible from the space, due to the recent bushfires. By this we can get an idea of how deadly this bushfire is. This incident took the life of 28 people (atleast) and destroyed 2000 homes. For saving the precious lives we should work on greenhouse gasses which are making our climate hotter day by day.

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