Archetype Entertainment: A New Platform for Roleplaying Games

An archetype is a great little multiplayer shooter which perfect to jump in and out at certain times to satisfy one’s virtual bloodlust. It is an important thing to note that this game does not promote any violence or any cruel behavior towards anyone. And, if anyone does this, it is highly discouraged.

Core of the Game

Multi-player is the core of the game. An archetype is having a vast amount of challenges and scenarios for the players which keep them indulged and do not let them get bore. Archetype possesses 3 game types which are divided into 19 levels. These game types include Free for all, team deathmatch and capture the flag.

The archetype is also very versatile about the weapon addition which includes Shotgun, Missile Launcher, Precision Rifle, Default Pistol, CTF flag weapon, and battle-ax. The game also includes 2 types of grenades i.e. Split strike grenade and Frag grenade. The most important thing to note about

Archetype is that it can include up to 10 players at a time. Although, players start with the default rifle which they get from weapon hunting. There are some specified areas or buildings which will be comprising of ammunition and weapons.

Archetype and Roleplaying

An archetype is designed to add 10 players in the game at a time. It is highly designed to cover multi-player settings as the deathmatch is divided into two teams of five players and they need to acquire certain flag posts or missions. The archetype also supports role-playing among the teams. Within a team, certain positions will be allowed to the players participating in that mission.

The player with the highest rank or with the mutual consultation, one of them will be made captain of the team. The captain will then decide that one will be the sniper, others will be the front men. The captain is also given the liberty of mapping his own plan out and decide the strategy he wants to follow during the game. This sense of team and planning will make the users feel like they are really in some kind of battlefield fighting for their flag to ground.

Moreover, communication aid is also added to the game so that when playing in the game all the users may be able to contact and communicate with each other. Then, there also lies liberty whether you want to communicate or not.

If you do not want to communicate, you can simply turn your microphone off and continue with the game. Before Archetype, not even a single game was providing this sense of role-playing in a single game and that is what has earned a famous name for Archetype.

Ranking System

The archetype also includes a ranking system among the players. Ranking only depends upon your performance and your timing to achieve certain missions or challenges. You do not earn any ranking from default pickings. Players have to have crosshairs among the weapons which are aimed at the enemy to fire. The firing is all automatic, all you have to do is to aim at the enemy and the gun may runoff.

This feature is unlike the missile launcher battle-ax. When we talk of a battle-ax or missile launcher, we will have to direct and shoot them manually because they have limited ammunition and the users may have to fire them accordingly so that they can make the better use out the missile launcher and battle-axe.


When we talk of training, we think whether it too will be for multi-player? So, the answer is negative, the training option is only for a single player so that one player can learn and train the basics in his comfort zone without any external interference. There are two main types or modes of training. The modes of training are basic and advanced.

Basic training is for the users who are starting at a very noob level who do not have any compatibility with the game but the advanced level is for the players who are at a pro-level. This will suggest that basic is for the players who have just joined the game and the advanced level is for the players who are playing it for some time and they know the basics about the game.

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