Another Milestone Achieved Pakistan Military Wing, successful Training Wing Launch of Ballistic Missile Ghaznavi: (ISPR)

Here is a good news for all pakistanis. The legacy continued and another remarkable milestone has been achieved by one of the most professional, brave, passionate and enthusiastic army of the world. Surface to surface missile Ghaznavi is the achievement of Pakistan military. The capability of this ballistic missile is 290 kilometers. It can target 1 or more targets up to the range of maximum 290 kilometers. 

The inter service public relations (ISPR) stated that “the training launch was part of Field Training Exercise of Army Strategic Forces Command aimed of rehearsing operational readiness procedures during day and night.” our army and nation believes in peace but we know how to keep ourselves prepared all the time for any uncertain situation. Our enemies know that it is not only hard but next to impossible to retaliate with Pakistan, if they do so they have to keep themselves ready for the consequences. 

This prestigious moment was witnessed by honourable Lieutenant General NadeemZaki Manj, Director General Strategic Plans Division,Commander Army Strategic Forces Command, Chairman NESCOM, Senior officers from strategic Plans Division, Army Strategic Forces Command, Scientists and Engineers of the strategic organizations. They all are the contributors in making Pakistan proud day by day. 

Army Strategic Forces Command was praised and appreciated by Director General Strategic Plans Division. He praised them for handling the dynamic weapon system of Pakistan with proficiency and  expertise. The country is able to sleep in peace due to the brave army who is awakened for the protection of people and the prosperity of Pakistan. 

On this remarkable achievement, Prime Minister Imran Khan, President of Pakistan, Chairman Joint Chief of Staff Committee and services Chiefs have congratulated the Pakistani nation. We hope for further proud moments, and we also wish that we never face a situation where we feel to use these weapons. We wish that this country may prosper with peace. 

List of Pakistani surface to surface missiles

Battlefield Range Ballistic Missiles

  • Hatf (50 km) 
  • Nasr (70 km) 
  • Abdali (200 km) 

Short Range Ballistic Missiles 

  • Ghaznavi (300 km) 
  • Shaheen-I (750–900 km) 

Medium Range Ballistic Missiles

  • Ghauri-I (1,500 km) 
  • Ghauri-II (1,800 km) 
  • Ababeel (2,200 km) 
  • Shaheen-II (1,500-2,000 km) 
  • Shaheen-III (2,750 km) 

Cruise missiles

  • Babur 1 (Hatf VII) (700 km) 
  • Babur 2 (Hatf VII) (750 km) 
  • Hatf-VIII (Ra’ad) (520 km)

Shoulder fired missiles

  • Anza Mk.1, Mk.2, Mk.3 
  • FIM-92 Stinger 400 MANPADS
  • FN-16 300 MANPADS


  • LY-80 9 batteries
  • FM-90

Anti-ship missiles

Sea-to-surface missile

  • Babur 3 (Hatf VII) 

Air-to-surface missiles

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