Age of Empires – Reason Behind the Decline of Outdoor games?

Yes, the turn down to street games, opened a door to the foremost online games. Isn’t it a piece of great news for internet lovers to sit for hours at home and play your favorite online games like the Age of Empires which is the best real-time strategy game.

The legendary real-time strategy game
upright from the pages of history, “Age of Empires” commemorates the
most illustrious battles of history featuring sound, music, graphics and more.
The lovingly mastered game has been first developed by the Ensemble Studios and
published by Xbox Game Studios.

The Age of Empires focuses on the
historical events in Asia, Africa, and Europe. Traversing from the Stone Age to
the Iron Age, the Age of Empires has explored the formation and amplification
of the old Roman Empire. Age of Empires was the first series, released in the
year 1997. After that, seven other series and three spin-offs of this game have
been discovered. This game uses the Genie Engine, which is a renowned 2D
sprite-based engine specially designed for Microsoft games. Do you know that
the game permits the user to act as a captain of the ancient civilization by
promoting it through four different ages (The Stone Age, Tool Age, Bronze Age,
and Iron Age.)

The Age of Empire has become a commercial
success. With its release, about 20 million copies of the game have been sold.
It was one of the superlative developments for competitors.


Some of the Top Rated gaming versions of Age of Empires are;

1997Age of Empire
1998Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome
1999Age of Empires II
2000Age of Empires 2: The Conquerorss
2002Age of Mythology
2006Age of Empires II Deluxe Edition Mobile|Age of Empires 2: The Age of Kings Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs
2007The Myths And Realities Of Age Of empires 3: The Asian Dynasties
2008Age of Empires: Mythologies
2010Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties (J2ME)
2011Age of Empires Online
2013Age of Empires II: HD Edition | Age of Empires II: The Forgotten
2014Age of Mythology: Extended Edition | Age of Empires: Castle Siege
2015Age of Empires II: The African Kingdoms
2016Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon | Age of Empires Age of Empires 2 HD Edition: The Rise of RajasII: Rise of the Rajas
2018Age of Empires: Definitive Edition
2019Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition — Hotfix 34223 -[Review]
2020Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition | Age of Empires IV

Ages of Empire:

The first version of this game was released
on 26 October 1997. Age of Empires was the first game in the series and was one
of the major releases of the Ensemble Studios. Utilizing the Genie Game Engine,
this was the top military designed game of the time.

It is becoming elusive that we have a very little number of well-designed games on the market. This game genre implies to have fallen prey over the previous year to the rich and quick mentality. Do you know what makes this game apart from other games? There are a lot of great things about Age of Empires. It is great gameplay that possesses superb graphics, a well-balanced and intelligently designed economic model of the game is worth praising. Also, the innovative tech tree that constructs on the best of Civilization, is something appreciating.


You might be thinking from where did this
game originate? So, to all the Age of Empire lovers! It is to inform you that
the game series was originally co-founded by John Boog-Scott and Tony Goodman,
back in 1995. The series was soon joined by other publishers like Brian
Sullivan, Rick Goodman, and Bruce Shelley. Tony Goodman who used to play the Dungeons
& Dragons in his school life, was once remembering the skills of Brue
Shelley, who instigated the 4X genre of the strategy-based video games. Goodman
had an idea to build one of the greatest games that would be forever remembered
by the world.


Soon after that, when the RTS genre was
growing rapidly, the developers noted that there is not something specifically
based on the history of time. Their goal was to create a game that would be
played like an actual board game. They wanted to develop a game with unique
features that would be played by the same gaming rules as played by the human
opponents in reality.

Therefore, they took inspiration from games
like Command & Conquer and World of Warcraft, etc. With immense struggle
and colossal hardworking, the Age of Empires was born from the idea of
consolidating the RTS gameplay with the economic and historical outlook of

Game Features:

One of the best-selling, real-time strategy
game features four campaigns in which each player is required to fulfill the
specified objectives. The campaigns are the collection of different scenarios
which are ended linearly. All of the campaigns follow the history of the Greek,
Yamato, Egyptians, and Babylonian, besides the campaign, the game features
another mode called the Random Map, which helps generate a different map for
each new game, different variations of the Random Map like Death MATCH are also
available. Additionally, there are four distinct civilizations, the latest
technology, units and buildings for the players. The game facilitates online
and network plays with at least eight people simultaneously.


Want to know about the gameplay of the
series? Sure, the Age of Empires is primarily a world time-strategy game. You
start with a single tribal council fire and three villagers. You must learn
from where to fish and hunt, collect stone and wood and a gold mine. Once you
have strengthened your basic economy, now you can expand your village and
research for the new technologies that would help irrigate the farms, steel
weaponry, and smith iron and teach your military cadets. This would be
challenging for you because at this point you would have to deal with animals,
famine and enemy raiders. The impressive thing about this game is the
experience of playing AOE. You remember the days when you used to load up the
games just for a minute to check out without concerning about the time. It’s
that kind of interesting. It is because you play the game experiencing four
different stages which take a long time. But do not stress. Once you take a
grip on how to correlate your resource collection and the construction process,
you will headway quickly.

While experiencing each new age you get new
technologies, unit types, buildings, and defensive options. In an apace
multiplayer game, if your clod opponent shows up with a dozen goons whilst you
are getting informed, so, you are history. However, upgrade your civilization
and gain the wheel, engineering knowledge, upgraded ballistics, and cavemen
will not be matched for your catapults. Instead of mining the abstruse
material, consider the interplay between resources in AEO because the Age of
Empires demands you to gather food, stone, gold, and wood. If you would neglect
any one of those, you will lose the game. If you want to win the game, you will
need to send your villagers out to explore the map and attain the best gold,
stone deposits with guard towers and military units. After that, you will have
to make your mind on what balance to strike between the gatherers, hunters and
your military units.

Then you’ll need to decide what balance to
strike between your hunters and gatherers and your military units — AOE adds
in the additional stricture of a population limit (there have been many gripes
about this in the newsgroups, but throughout playing the game better than 30
times, I can tell you that it is not only fair but adds an excellent additional
condition to the strategies within the game). Now I admit, there have been
numerous occasions late in a heated multiplayer battle when I sent a squad of
idle miners out to have a lunch date with the local lions or had them wander a
bit too close to an enemy guard tower so that I could crank out a couple more
times or catapults back at the base, but this too adds to the skill needed to
be an adept commander.

Decisively, the best part of this gameplay
is that you have a vast number of options as a player. On one side, you can
simply set a variety of victory conditions than simple conquest. Then, there is
the ability through which you can trade with for different other players for
the required resources., technology upgrades, variation in domestic units and
military and dissimilar feelings for each game. This is just not a defeating
game, but yes, it is a foremost army strategy game that has a rich technological
and economic model.


The best RTS designed game with rich
graphics. The Age of Empires retains beautifully rendered trees, rocks, bushes,
and even birds. The villagers struggling under the wood loads, the eagles that
soar overhead, every minor detail is very elegantly designed. You would be
amazed to see the astoundingly purposed game. There are times when you stop and
praise the realism constructed in the game. Indeed, the Age of Empires stands
for the best watermark for all RTS titles. The graphics are unmatched.

Audio feature:

Another good area, where the Age of Empires
shines is that the audio is completely on point. From creaks and rumbles of
weighted catapults to the clash of pikes and swords against the sentry tower,
the audio is superbly rendered. You have ever played this game? I am pretty
sure it will amaze you.


The different cultural aspects, map types,
victory conditions, troops, and technology make this game for multiplayer. I
assure you to play this game and you will be simply hooked up. There is no
virtual limit to this game as it shares resources among different allies and
uses priests to transform the buildings and enemy units. The game that I have
seen is closest yet seen to realize the mix between economics, strategy,
technology, and unit types.

License Information:

Since the gameplay has been released by the
Microsoft developers, therefore, the user’s license agreement is a must-read.

• Grant of game license by EULA.

• The software of this gameplay has been licensed as a single product. However, its components and other parts may not be used on a different computer.

•   You may transfer your rights to the EULA.

• Microsoft declaims any warranty for the product of Microsoft.

• If you have acquired the product in the United States, the Washington government’s law would be applied to the EULA. Otherwise, the local laws would be applied.


Cheats for Age of Empire

If you want To activate a cheat, push [Enter] and type in its corresponding code below.

  • Woodstock 1000 wood
  • pepperoni pizza 1000 food
  • coinage 1000 gold
  • quarry 1000 stone
  • reveal map Reveals the entire map
  • no fog Removes fog of war
  • Kill# # is the player number. (ex kill2 will kill entire player 2’s civ & so on)
  • diediedie Kill all opponents 
  • homerun Win campaign
  • resign Lose campaign
  • Bigdaddy Rocket launcher car Winsett’s Z car (requires a town center)
  • bigmomma Winsett’s wife Z car (requires a town center)
  • hari kari Commit suicide
  • Gaia Control animals (player will lose controller of own units – restart game to regain control)
  • hoyohoyo Grants priests 600 HP & speeds them up
  • medusa Villagers get a second chance at life. After being killed they get reincarnated as a black rider once, if killed again, they get reincarnated as a heavy catapult. (this only happens to new villagers not existing ones. Villagers created using this cheat are unable to gather resources. This requires a town center)
  • Jack be nimble Catapults now fire peasants
  • Photon man Spawns a laser trooper (requires a town center)
  • e=mc2 trooper Spawns a Nuke trooper (requires a town center)
  • pow Spawns a babyprez (requires a town center)
  • stormbilly Spawns a zug 209 robot (requires a town center)
  • dark rain Transforms all your bowmen into composite bowmen which then they transform into stealth archers (stealth archers turn into trees while idle)
  • upsidflintmobile Chariot archers move & fire faster
  • big Bertha Transforms all stone throwers & catapults into Big Bertha which is stronger
  • black rider Every horse archer & cavalry archer turns into a black rider
  • flying Dutchman Transforms catapult trireme & juggernauts into flying Dutchman ships which can move on land
  • icbm Upgrades the range of ballista’s & helepolis to 100
  • steroids Instant build – effects all players including opponents
  • convert this! Spawns a St. Francis that summons lightning every 3 seconds (requires a temple)
  • king Arthur All birds become dragons
  • grantlinkspence Changes all animals to their alpha versions which are more powerful

Age of Empire Free Download

A masterpiece developed by the Ensemble Studios has received a tremendous response on its release. One of the best real-time strategy games especially designed by the Microsoft developers.



Age of Empire System Requirements:

  • Pentium 90 processor or faster (P-133+ for 1024 x 768 resolution)
  • SVGA with 1 MB RAM
  • fast 2D graphics card (2 MB required for 1024 x 768)
  • 16 MB RAM
  • Win 95 or Win NT 4.0 with Service Pack 3
  • 80+ MB HD space (together with the swap file, it’s up to 150 MB)
  • 50 MB HD space for swap file (you might have to adjust the settings in the control panel)
  • Double speed CD-ROM (Quad Speed recommended)
  • MS/Logitech Mouse or compatible
  • sound card for audio
  • 28.8 kbps modem for internet play


With a massive success, the game has got a
million downloads worldwide. Age of Empires is a free trial game that can be
bought easily. So, if you have not downloaded this game, go download it, and
play this worthful game.


One of the best-selling game series, The Age of Empires has got magnificent response. As per reviews, the Age of Empires marks the first mature real-time strategy title. A great game builds on the best warcraft and military. With the outclass graphics and sound effects, the classic control and the gameplay exactly stand the test of time. The game has split up into different interesting scenarios that attract the players. If you are a true real-time strategy fan, then this should be a mandatory spot in your download list.



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