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Listening is the topmost skill of the four linguistic competence and it is considered as the most important sense of the human body. Its significance is esteemed.  Before the contrivance of reading and printing publications, people used to convey useful information through verbal communication. Those old times when group discussions were conducted in order to aware people about the latest updates and happenings. People used to sit in the form of groups. They attentively hear to the tribal histories, old traditional anecdotes. Therefore listening is contemplated as effective and useful expertise of language. “The more you will be focused, the better you will be able to understand”.

The best selling book “7 habits of highly effective people Audiobook” is authorized by Sir Stephen R. Covey who was an influencer, a motivational author and a conventional business person. He drafted his publications in almost forty different languages all around the world. With immense struggle and hard work, he became in one of the most influential persons of America. He has been a preeminent seller for his discerning publications. The 7 Habits’ crux is;

  • Success is surrounded by both private and professional effectiveness.
  • You should be well informed about the paradigm shifts, before going through the book “The 7th habit if highly effective people audiobook” you need to change your intellectuals and perceptions regarding the change in society.
  • You are free to choose good opportunities for yourself. Do what is finest for you.

The first uncondensed recording of “7 habits of highly effective people audiobook” is published by Simon and Schuster Audio on 28th December 2003. The audiobook is narrated in the English language by Stephen R. Covey. The approximate listening length of this masterpiece is thirteen hours and four minutes with the ASIN, B00061U4C0. One can easily listen to the audio version of Stephen’s book on your Smartphones, Kindle, Tablets, on your computers and on MP3. Audiobooks are helpful in extracting knowledge. While reading the books, we are focused and use the parts of our brain which is developed for other purposes also. On the other hand, great auditors can acquire a lot of understanding and advice from elocutionist’s articulation and modulation. The message is more easily communicated through audio as compared to printed text.

Stephen’s book is about change. The shift in paradigm, change in your thinking, perceptions, and insights. This paperback helps you in becoming more potent and fortunate in your life. You need to develop yourself and flourish as an eminent individual. In this book, “7 habits of highly effective people audiobook” you will be guided about those seven effective habits which can bring an absolute change in your life, and are applicable for the lifetime. Elementally, the main idea of Covey’s publication was about the self-development and aiding others to be self-master. He alleged that if you want to be rewarding then you must have a powerful personality.

The book comes up with the description of those seven habits which are highly efficacious. Stephen advised his readers to be proactive in your life, to start with the end in your mind, to put the most important things at the top, to think of being a winner at any cost, seek first to understand things and then be implied, to concur, and to sharpen the saw. He further added that if you want to achieve the success you must have to live yourself upon these habits. The third habit of Covey’s creation is advising his readers to put first things first. It means that you should be well disciplined in your day to day life. You should have information related to your daily tasks and how to execute them. The habit is about being self-restraint, integrity and not to be a contravener. Search for the right priorities and shape your life accordingly. Once you would be known about your goals you would be better able to accomplish them. Identifying your motives is the first step to lean the ladder and beheading them is the last step.

We waste a lot of time in knowing who we are and what are our desires? We react upon things. Covey suggests that rather than reacting upon things you must work in accordance with your main objectives. 7 habits of highly effective people audiobookalso encourage its bibliomaniacs to struggle hard in order to win. The “Think win-win” habit is a habit of absurdity. You want two outcomes; to win or to lose. You need to figure out that the paradox helps you in providing convenience to merge the poles. You can independently notch up success. But if you want to be more lucrative you can cooperate with others too. By mutual you will get different ideas and it will help your work grow faster.  You may fall if you are not consolidated. The key is to identify that how would be the other person beneficial for you? If you know this you will be head towards success. Covey talked about the six paradigms.

  1. Win-win paradigm
  2. Win-lose paradigm
  3. Lose-win paradigm
  4. Lose-lose paradigm
  5. Win paradigm
  6. Win-win or no dead paradigm

Concluding, it takes two to tango. Cooperation of both parties is always the best choice for accomplishment. The win-win or no deal option is suitable to use as a backup. Covey advocates to choose a win-win situation and strive hard to come up with a great outcome. But if there is no chance of win-win situation, or you see no possibility of accomplishment so doesn’t crack your deal. Leave it on the spot and start again from the beginning. Be courageous and potent. “7 habits of highly effective people audiobook” is a classic piece one needs to go through from it. Sir Stephen has astoundingly narrated all those habits which are highly effective for living a successful life. Especially for those who are newcomers and want to work on their personal development they must read this masterstroke.


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