Saunders comprehensive reviews for the NCLEX-RN examination PDF
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Saunders comprehensive review for the NCLEX-RN examination PDF [Direct Link]

Introduction: Relevant and helpful books are essential for the preparation of exams. Here in this article, we will tell you about a book which could be extremely helpful, if you are preparing for NCLEX-RN exams. Saunders Comprehensive Reviews for the NCLEX-RN Examination PDF is a book which is filled with information that a one could […]

Reinforcement learning python pdf
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Reinforcement Learning With Python: An Introduction (Adaptive Computation and Machine Learning series) PDF [Direct Link]

Introduction: Reinforcement learning was not that easy before. it has rapid growth with the time. The new algorithms for multiple applications are produced by it. But it is mandatory to know the tricks and techniques of reinforcement learning. Today we brought a solution of all this in a form of a book name Reinforcement learning […]

Mastering Bitcoin 2nd edition
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Mastering Bitcoin 2nd Edition PDF|Mastering Bitcoin 2nd PDF

Introduction: The storm of technology has taken over the world. Everyone eagerly wants to know the tricks and techniques about the ways to produce more money through technology. Mastering bitcoin 2nd pdf will help you to learn a lot about starting up this new journey. Book Description: In the beginning, you will get a brief introduction […]

Building microservices PDF
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Building Microservices PDF [Direct Link]

Introduction: The distributed system has transformed from into self-contained microservices from code-heavy monolithic. But developing this is not that easy. This book contains the heap of practical advice and examples. Building microservices PDF presents the wide view of those topics that system programmers and administrators must look into it. When managing, evolving and building microservice […]

Python machine learning Sebastian raschka pdf
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Python Machine Learning Sebastian Raschka PDF | Python Machine Learning PDF

Introduction:   If you want to gather knowledge about mechanism and data so this book will be a good source of information. It will help you in learning different techniques and data visualization. This book is best for extending data science knowledge. Let’s explore the key features, description and content table of Python machine learning […]

Psychology 11th Edition Myers PDF
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Psychology 11th Edition Myers PDF|Psychology in Modules 11th Edition PDF

  Description Psychology 11th Edition Myers PDF provides an interactive understanding of the human mind incorporated with feelings. Myer takes you to an engaging journey starting at critical thinking of your own brain and ends at understanding the concept of therapy. The major themes including learning, memory, emotions, and understanding of disorders. The online interactive […]

Pretest Medicine 14th Edition PDF
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Pretest Medicine 14th Edition PDF | Pretest Pediatrics 14th Edition pdf free download

 Description In search of a guide to take you through clinical rotations? Unsure of how to deal with detailed aspects of emergency situations? Your medical life has been easier by Pretest Medicine 14th Edition PDF. In emergency situations, a health practitioner requires a quick recall of clinical facts and this book provides just that. What’s […]