10 Golden Games Everyone Wants on PlayStation 5

Well, we all have been curiously waiting for the arrival of the PlayStation 5 because so many exciting and unusual features have been unveiled out about it so far. All the fanatics of the PlayStation 5 have been expecting around to grab some exciting games that are required to be part of the PlayStation 5.
Although till now, no such news stories have been revealing out that might highlight the fact that which games will be included in the upcoming PlayStation 5. So right here we are listing down the top 10 most wanted PlayStation games to mutate for PS5:

Silent Hill

It is quite a lot surprising to know that to date today; no such remastered artwork has been introduced for the game “Silent Hill.” Resident Evil 2 was ultimately a big success. But at that moment, Kojima Productions’ Silent Hills was all canceled. It is still not confirmed whether the franchise of the Silent Hill has been put on the back-burner or not.  

The Legend of Dragoon

Hence the Final Fantasy 7 soaked up in the middle of the glory as being the PlayStation One’s golden child, RPG fans who belong to that era are utterly aware of that game that has been all rivaled. Yes, we are talking about the fantastic Square’s tale of oversized weapon wielders known as The Legend of Dragoon.
This is because this game has been all the more mixed up with the rhythm-based attack system in the middle of the elemental type’s right into the four-disc odyssey. This will be bringing the original series of the PlayStation at the top of the performance chart.


It is so disappointing that till now, the Cros Remaster has been not introduced in the PlayStation 5. This game is based on the nice-looking wielding reptile, which might not be as much popular, just like the Spyro as well as Crash Bandicoot. You would be fond of playing this game all the time for sure. This game is all about being involved in action series.   It has been believed that Croc deserves the best to be in the middle of the limelight of PlayStation 5.

Dino Crisis

Dino Crisis is quite a lot similar to the Resident Evil meets Jurassic Park. It is surrounded by deadly dinosaurs. Well, the trend of the horror games have all passed away, and no such specific horror games are being introduced now. But still highlighting such genre of games in the middle of the PS5 will be a lot interesting.

Ape Escape

Next on the list, we have the name of Ape Escape. This game has been greatest of all, and it is quite fun to play all the time. After such a long time, Ape Escape will be making its way back in the gaming world with PS5. It’s a perfect game for the family members to play all the time. It would be so much appealing for the younger generation, for sure.


Gex was released for the 3DO, but its version for the PlayStation is still fresh in the minds of people. This game has always remained to be the center of attraction among the gaming lovers for its incredible and high-dose fun of entertainment. Be the first one to play this game! This game is often highlighting with some of the pop culture effects that are all about social media, flossing and Netflix fun.

Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver

This yet another Crystal Dynamics success known as Soul Reaver that was known out to be the most ambitious game of the whole time. This game has been named as one of the best games that have been ever introduced by the PlayStation. It is wholly based on amazing graphics with some outstanding challenges in the form of puzzles. The game is based on the gothic theme concept, which makes it best to play right now.

Time Crisis

You might have been fully aware of the time Crisis by the time of the local arcade, which was introduced in the PlayStation for the first time in 1997. Thus, this game has been based on the theme work of shooting, which makes it extra exciting. It is a lot of cheesy and much out-dated too. This game is expected to be introduced for the PS5 now with the incredible graphics and best quality of the sound work.


If you have been thinking about playing the games like the Dark Souls or the Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice were much tricky, then you would not remember about the Tenchu. This has been one of the most top amazing Ninja games that are so much famous on the historical terms. You would be fond of playing this game all the time for sure. This game is all about being involved in action series.   Are you ready to play it?

Parasite Eve

Lastly, we have the name of Parasite Eve! This is a fantastic gaming series by the Japanese, which is becoming so much in demand these days. You would be fond of playing this game all the time for sure. This game is all about being involved in action series.   This Japanese series has been all about the horror concept work. This game has been based on the science-fiction working, which makes it turn out to be one of the most top wanted games.

Well, we are sure that after reading out about all the games one by one you would be a lot excited to catch these games one by one on your PS5. All the games have been based on the fun zone of the entertainment which makes it worth to play all the time. Although no such specific announcement has been made yet which clarifies the fact that all these games have been part of PS5. It is yet a surprise! Stay tuned with us for latest updates about PS5!

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